Zurich Airport is the most convenient airport in Europe

Zurich Airport is located 13 kilometers north of the city center. The airport consists of three terminals, which are united by a central building. The infrastructure of the terminals includes: registration areas, shopping centers, railway station, bus and tram stops, parking lots.

Airport terminals

Terminal A was opened in 1971 and is used exclusively for flights within the Schengen zone, including domestic flights in Switzerland.

Terminal B was opened in 1975, after which it was extensively reconstructed. Flights from the Schengen countries and from other countries arrive at terminal B.

Airport terminal

The international terminal E was opened in 2003 to use flights from non-Schengen countries. In terminal E, an automatic railway communication system was launched, which transports passengers between terminal buildings.

Zurich Airport has three runways.

Departure and arrival

In the summer, there are direct flights to 188 destinations in 64 countries, and in winter, the number of charter flights is increasing. All flight information can be obtained in a special application, on the official website, at the airport at the information desks.

The board of departure and arrival at Zurich airport shows: time of flight, point of destination, number and status of flight.

If the traveler is to transit, then all the flight information will be available at the check-in desks in the waiting rooms.

Cafe with panoramic view

For a comfortable departure from Zurich airport, you can choose the most convenient way to check-in. You can register online without leaving your home, or do it in the machines at the airport.

For registration you need the following documents:

  • Flights with booking confirmation or electronic ticket number.
  • Passports
  • If necessary: ​​a visa.

Public transport

How to get from the airport to Zurich?

Every day, about 350 trains, more than 700 buses and 400 tram flights depart and arrive at Kloten Airport. Thanks to the excellent work of public transport and well-thought-out route connection from the airport, you can easily reach any point not only of the country, but of the whole of Europe.

The railway station is located directly under the airport, in the city center you can reach in 15 minutes, about 13 trains go per hour. There are also direct trains to Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne, Munich, Winterthur.

Zurich Airport is connected by bus routes to the Glattal, Zurich-Unterland and Zurich-Orelikon areas. Buses run strictly on schedule with an interval of 10-60 minutes. Covered bus station at the airport is considered the largest in Switzerland and has direct access to the check-in hall.

During the winter season, special shuttle buses start to operate, which take passengers directly to the ski resorts in the Swiss Alps.

Airport view

The tram line connects the airport with Zurich-Oerlikon, Zurich-Glattpark and Irhel, and runs at 7-minute or 15-minute intervals. The tram goes from the airport through Glattbrugg, to the Wallisellen station, to the Stetbach station.

Tickets for the train from the airport in Zurich, the tram and the bus can be bought in the arrival halls 1 and 2, in the vending machine or service center, as well as via the Internet or smartphone. The SBB Travel Tourist Center is located in the check-in area No. 3. Tickets can be purchased from 06:15 to 22:30.

Official taxi service

Taxis at the airport are located on the first and second races, they can be found out with the help of a special inscription Airport Taxi. Zurich Airport from the city center and vice versa can be reached for 70 Swiss francs or 56 euros.

The advantages of airport taxi:

  • Modern vehicles (white cars or minibuses) with enough space for luggage.
  • More than 130 cars are ready for the trip from 06:00 to 23:30.
  • All cars can pay by credit card.
  • All drivers have a certificate of conformity and know several languages.
Night airport

Car ride

Several hotels near the airport provide airport transfers absolutely free. In Zurich hotels can be reached using a paid shuttle service or by public transport. The fare depends on the number of passengers and the distance.

At the Zurich airport you can rent a car, the rental center is located on the first floor in the very center of the building. Opening hours from 06:00 to 23:30. To return the car, you should go by special signs.

For travelers who arrive at the airport by car, various types of parking spaces are offered.

When arriving at the check-in area, you can stop for five minutes for free to disembark passengers. Next stay is paid.

Short-term parking near the arrival hall:

  • 1-15 minutes - 4.29 euros (318 rubles).
  • Up to 30 minutes - 8.60 euros (636 rubles).
  • Up to 45 minutes - 12.90 euros (950 rubles).
  • Up to 60 minutes - 17.20 euros (1270 rubles).
  • Each subsequent hour - 8.60 euros (636 rubles).

For longer stays, parking lots P1, P2 and P3 are available.

Parking space can be reserved online in advance, and long-term parking is possible only with prior reservation. Zurich Airport has parking spaces for motorbikes and bicycles.


Airport services

At the airport of Zurich all the necessary service services are functioning, the purpose of which is to provide comfort and convenience for travelers.

The terminals have observation platforms from which you can watch the fascinating spectacle of landing and take-off aircraft. On some of the venues, children's corners are equipped, there are playground equipment for children, a cafe.

Airport in Switzerland

If the traveler wishes to rest for several hours or days, the Transit Hotel offers furnished rooms, single and double, shared rooms.All rooms have a shower, toilet and TV.

Travelers say that Zurich Airport is very convenient, there is free travel between the terminals, many waiting areas, and there are never queues.

Small disadvantages are: high prices in cafes, sometimes there is no Internet access.

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