Your heart hurts: what to do?

heart treatmentHeart pain can occur in anyone, even a very healthy and young man. They appear in the left half of the chest and may be of a different nature. Determining whether heart treatment is necessary and what is happening in the body is possible by assessing how long and acute the pain was, where and how it started and when it disappeared. If the discomfort attends constantly, you need to consult about it with your doctor. He will tell you why your heart hurts, what to do and how to restore your health. However, sometimes you can determine the severity of the problem yourself. Consider how to diagnose.

After playing sports heart hurts

What if discomfort arises from physical exertion or during a cold? Serious attention should be paid to such a symptom, as it can be caused by microbial toxins or foreshadow rheumatism or myocarditis. You will need to consult a cardiologist or a rheumatologist who will listen to your heart sounds, prescribe the necessary tests and studies, and help eliminate the risk of complications.

Suddenly heart hurts

What if discomfort arises from nowhere? If severe and long pain begins to spread on the left side of the chest, for which there would seem to be no reason, it may be a matter of nervous overstrain, autonomic dysfunction or depressive disorder. If you have serious mental problems, you will need to consult a specialist, but in ordinary cases the symptom disappears on its own along with a change in the patient's psychological health.

heart hurts what to doThe heart aches from the movements.

What if discomfort occurs after a deep breath or a sharp turn of the torso? Do not ascribe yourself to cardiologist patients and plan to strengthen the heart. The reason may lie in completely different organs or parts of the body. It is often a matter of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, such as osteochondrosis, scoliosis or inflammation of the nerves between the ribs. A visit to a neurologist or orthopedist, who will recommend suitable anti-inflammatory drugs or physical therapy, will help get rid of the discomfort.

Heart strengtheningAfter eating my heart hurts

What if pain appeared after eating? Think about it, have you had a bite? Maybe,Was the food too spicy or oily? Or did you just eat after a long break without eating? Then it is all about innervation of the heart and internal organs associated with gastritis, an ulcer, pancreatitis, intestinal swelling or cholecystitis. A visit to a therapist will help to cope with this symptom, who will determine the source of the pain and offer a consultation with a gastroenterologist. If it is a matter of overeating, you may just need to carefully control your diet.

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