Yorkshire Terrier: kinds of terriers

The homeland of modern terriers is the United Kingdom. Hunters in the XIII century used them, hunting foxes, which dogs were driven out of holes. The dogs were small, strong and spiteful.terrier typesIn addition to hunting, they guarded the dwelling of their master. The name of the breed was derived from the word terra, which means "earth". Here are the dogs and began to call "terrier". Types of terriers differ in the size of the trunk, the color of the wool, its stiffness and length. These dogs are favorite and full members of the family. It is impossible not to get attached to them.

Terrier: Species

In each country, cynologists work on breedingnew breeds of dogs. The homeland of the Boston terrier is the United States. German cynologists took out the yagter terrier. In the Czech Republic in 1963 received a new recognized International Film Federation (International Cynological Federation) breed - the Czech Terrier. In England, the otter hunter was taken out - the Airedale Terrier.

terriers kinds of a phototypes of yorkshire terriersCurrently, there are terriers:

  1. Official. These include Russian black, a sample and the pride of breeders of the USSR, bred in a nursery by crossing 14 breeds. It is a dog responsibly carrying a service that reacts to danger. This breed is also popular abroad.
  2. Fighting. The American Staffordshire Terrier is a family dog ​​with good guarding instincts. It can be and formidable. Everything depends on the puppy's upbringing in the first months after birth.
  3. Decorative. Yorkshire Terrier is a bright representative. This is the most popular and smallest decorative breed with a cheerful temperament, well suited to dressing.
  4. Hunting. These include the yag-terrier, he is hardy and unpretentious, which allows him to live in harsh conditions. Another dog, which is called the king of terriers, is an edelter, or a coastal terrier, which was bred for otter hunting. This dog is a woolly coat with a soft undercoat and a dock tail. During the First World War she served as a postman. Nowadays it is used in search and rescue operations, in connection with which it can be ranked as service dogs.

If you look at the bull terrier, toy terrier andYorkshire terrier, the difference is obvious, despite the fact that they are relatives. Unites their excellent health and the character of the fighter. And also - a habit, recorded in gene memory, to dig the earth, even if it is a carpet or a laminate.

terrier typesTypes of Yorkshire Terriers

The decorative rocks include Yorkshireterrier. His ancestors were the ancient hunting dogs of the County of Yorkshire: the Manchester Terrier and the Skytrain. Types of Yorkshire terriers determines their weight, dividing into standard, mini and supermini.

Yorkshire Terriers - smart, energetic, funnyand faithful dogs. They are well trained. These little dogs understand your words and gestures, feel the shades of your mood and are ready to share with you both joy and sorrow. They find a way how to bring you to life, if you are sad, and rejoice with you if you are in a great mood.

Here is such a beautiful dog - Yorkshire Terrier. Types of exhibition Yorkshire terriers - holders of many awards. This is due not only to the dog itself, but also to the patient, competent master. Usually in the exhibitions take part as eminent, and young, and very young Yorkshire terriers. Kinds, photos of participants and participants are presented on stands. You can get acquainted with their pedigrees in advance and, perhaps, think about purchasing a puppy from eminent parents.

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Yorkshire Terrier: kinds of terriers Yorkshire Terrier: kinds of terriers Yorkshire Terrier: kinds of terriers Yorkshire Terrier: kinds of terriers Yorkshire Terrier: kinds of terriers Yorkshire Terrier: kinds of terriers Yorkshire Terrier: kinds of terriers