Yeast Dough Recipe - Classic Baking

Many housewives believe that the recipe for yeast dough is difficult to prepare. Therefore, preference is given to semi-finished or finished products. In fact, in its preparation is nothing complicated. It is enough to properly use the yeast and stick to the recipe.

What is yeast?

Yeast are fungi, that is, microorganisms that will grow only in conditions that are favorable to them. They need a little - heat, milk or water, oxygen and sugar with flour.yeast dough recipeWhen reacting with the ingredients, carbon dioxide and acid are formed. Typical sour smell gives alcohol, which is also produced in the process of vital activity of fungi.

As easy as pie

The yeast dough recipe can be even easier. Flour, salt, yeast and liquid are mixed for it. With the help of flavors you can turn it into a baking. For this you need butter, eggs, sugar, cream or sour cream. If you use a different ratio of ingredients, you can make a batter, sponge, soft or cool.Flour, before adding, it is necessary to sift, it will allow her to be saturated with oxygen. Yeast dough recipe involves many baking options. If you use steep options, then it can be the cake or gingerbread Their shelf life reaches two weeks, which is very profitable.

What can be made from yeast dough

yeast lean doughYeast lean dough allows you to cook a huge number of dishes. Each country has its own traditions, recipes and preferences. The simplest and most common option is bread. Today in the shops you can see the amazing variety of this product. Almost all types of bread will not be difficult to bake at home. You can make a confection, a cupcake, a bun, a cheesecake from the yeast dough. Muffin is made using dough, kneaded straight and sponge ways. If there is a desire to cook more muffins, then it is best to use the sponge methods in several stages. With the help of the liquid version, you can make real Russian pancakes.

How to make yeast dough?

It will need 700 grams of wheat flour, two tablespoons of sugar,four tablespoons of vegetable oil or 60 grams of margarine, one egg, 20 grams of yeast (you can use both fresh and dried), a glass of milk, half a teaspoon of salt.

how to make yeast dough

Cooking method

Yeast is diluted with warm milk or water, heated to about 30 degrees Celsius. The mass is salted, sugar is added to it. To all is well dissolved, it is necessary to thoroughly mix the mixture. There are also eggs, flour is poured. The dough is kneaded, and in the end, softened margarine or butter is added. It is best to knead the mass in the same way as in the case of the sponge variant. It will be a long process: it must start falling behind the dishes and hands, which suggests a recipe for yeast dough. After that, the mass is covered with a clean cloth and goes for a walk for 3-4 hours. The first time the dough should be kneaded after about an hour and a half, then again after the same time.

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