Wyoming - a tourist mecca for travelers

There are quite a few beautiful places in the world that we often see in films. Wyoming is one of them. In fact, finding the right word to describe it is quite difficult. Even among all the states of the USA, it stands out for both nature and its unique sights and high prices for everything. No wonder, because this is a tourist mecca for travelers from all over the world.

Wyoming Mountains


What do we know about the USA? Basically the fact that it is a big and very developed country. Bastion of democratic values ​​and controversial ideology of tolerance. Meanwhile, this power is also famous for its borders. If you look at the map of Russia, you can see that the subjects do not have even borders. However, in the US, things are a bit wrong, they like straight lines.

Wyoming has amazing borders. They are more like a regular rectangle.Very regular forms are caused by natural features. When people divided the territory, they used the lines of latitude and longitude, and they, as we know, are almost straight.

The state is very picturesque. Many people see American territories as deserts and steppes. However, in Wyoming, more than half of the territory is covered with mountain ranges and beautiful forests. This is what makes these lands so attractive for tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world! A significant volcanic activity is still recorded in the region, and earthquakes occasionally occur. In national parks there are geysers and boiling springs.


Wyoming has favorable climatic conditions. Summer is pretty hot. The temperature can reach up to 35 degrees Celsius in the shade. However, it becomes much cooler at night. Winter is extremely rainy and rather windy. Thunderstorms - a rare phenomenon, but sometimes happen. Sometimes tornadoes that can damage the infrastructure of cities and towns carry the greatest danger.


Wyoming is rich and promising.The main directions of economic development are the raw materials and tourism sectors. Within the state there are various natural resources. These are mainly reserves of coal, gas and oil. Moreover, the gas reserves is the second state in the United States! There are enterprises that specialize in the extraction of materials suitable for the production of diamonds.

The tourism sector is not far behind the raw materials sector and is developing very actively. According to statistics, at least 5 million tourists visit the state every year. This brings a lot of money to the budget, because the prices for tourists are very expensive.

Wyoming state flag

Agriculture is also developing. Although it is flourishing, it cannot compete with tourism or the development of mineral resources.

Not too many people

By the number of people in the US, Wyoming ranks second from the bottom, second only to Alaska. There are very few people there - only about 568,000 people, which is less than in many Russian cities. The bulk of the population are Caucasians. African Americans are very few - about 1%. Despite the fact that they are few, they stand out and are very noticeable. In religious terms, almost all residents of the state are Christians of various denominations. All people live peacefully.Racial or religious conflicts usually do not arise. It is also one of those places where there is no large abundance of the Asian population. Basically, everyone has English or German roots.

Wyoming State Seal

Tall, inspirational, beautiful!

The mountains of Wyoming are stunning in their beauty. Here it is, the true power of nature. The whole mountain ranges consisting of the most beautiful ridges. They rise above people and attract climbers with their beauty. Oul Creek Ridge stretches across Yellowstone National Park. Basically, the locals emit various interesting rocks. Very famous rock "Devil's Tower". It really resembles a very awesome tower. The Absaroka Range is also quite popular. He is loved by walkers and climbers. Dozens, if not hundreds of hiking routes of various categories of complexity were laid on the “Peak of the Franks” mountain. Most often, only the hardiest people conquer the summit, because even a hiking route is not at all a smooth path that is easy to follow.

Sunset in the mountains of Wyoming


How can you talk about tourism and not talk about attractions? This is the most important thing! First of all, it should be understood that the Americans do not consider any monuments for something worthy of attention.The sights of Wyoming are predominantly unique natural sites that are no longer found anywhere in the world! It definitely deserves attention.

Yellowstone National Park

The most famous place in the state is Yellowstone National Park. This valley of geysers, located in the crater of a sleeping supervolcano. Vapors of gas and sulfur leak into reservoirs and atmosphere. This gives the lakes a unique turquoise hue. Numerous geysers attract tourists, but there are those who work only at certain times. These are the largest and most beautiful geysers. The fountain of boiling water, which is pulled out of them, can be truly enormous. Also, the national park is called the “Land of Waterfalls”. The name speaks for itself, there are really a lot of waterfalls. In the park there are many different campgrounds and developed tourist infrastructure. In general, this is a cult place that everyone has heard about.

The second most visited place is the "Green River". Simply put, it is a river. It is often called the most romantic place in America. It flows in a huge canyon, and it is very problematic to go down to it.

All other attractions are not so famous, but no less noticeable. These are the Teton Mountains and the Grand Teton National Park.

Devil's Tower


The capital of Wyoming is the town of Cheyenne. It does not stand out nor mastered architecture, nor excess wealth. This is the most common American town. However, this is the railway and cowboy capital. In the city you can find many installations on this subject. In addition, at times very interesting and beautiful festivals take place.

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