Wyandot chickens: characteristics, content, breeding and reviews

Wyandot chicken is the most luxurious bird in the poultry yard. If someone has not seen this breed of birds, he is unlikely to say that chickens can cause admiration. But Wiandot able to awaken such feelings because of its unique colors. But since chickens are not kept for beauty, in addition to the external description, the article will deal with the productive qualities of an elite breed.

general characteristics

The main advantages of the breed include resistance to temperature extremes, high egg production, excellent hatchability of chickens, good taste qualities of eggs and meat. Wyandot hen stands out for its ability to trot even in winter. Birds get along with the owners, but the female individuals sometimes begin to "ascend" over the other inhabitants of the poultry yard and provoke conflict situations. But mostly the representatives of the breed are calm and unpretentious.So, the topic of our conversation is Wyandot chickens (breed description and care for it).

Wyandot Chicken

The special appearance of the bird

By themselves, these birds are small. Some solidity and pomp gives them a rich plumage. The female has a neat little tail. In cocks, it is lush, with beautifully hanging arc-shaped feathers. There is a podlike comb, which does not freeze in severe frosts. Earrings and small lobes, red. Eyes - large, bright, with an amber shade. The beak is strong, slightly folded. Birds have a wide low body, elongated in length. Legs are yellow, powerful.

The colors are different - lavender, silver, blue, partridge, black, buff, golden, white, fawn. But the uniqueness of the color lies in the fact that each individual feather of a chicken has a contrasting frame. And for each color there is a certain color "frames". For example, the feathers of the Wiendot breed of silver chickens have a black outline with a greenish gloss. The main color of these birds is gray-white. Placed on top of each other, feathers form a visual grid. Because of this feature, chickens look quite bright and beautiful.Individuals with such plumage are the most common in poultry farms. Chickens with blue edging feather look very interesting. The main color of these birds is red-brown (pictured above).

The color range of this breed includes 15 colors of plumage. But these are the ones that met in our country. Some poultry farmers report that in fact there are 32 of them. However, the color of the feather does not affect the productivity of chickens. Although a variety of colors, undoubtedly, gives home feathered some decorative.

Wiandot hens description

Unacceptable breed signs

Breeds are usually classified according to the size of the body of representatives, the color of the plumage, the shape of the ridge, as well as the productive orientation. If the chicken differs in the smaller size from standard, it cannot be called thoroughbred. The deviations from the standard of the Wiandot are light eyes, too narrow body, small, unopened tail of roosters, no ridge spike, too dense or, conversely, rare and loose plumage and silver / white outflow on the earrings.

Breed characteristics

  • One of the advantages of the Wyandot chicken is early egg-laying - with good care by the age of 6 months.It is noteworthy that the time of year and the composition of the feed do not significantly affect the laying of eggs.
  • Chickens of this breed have a tendency to rapid fattening. They reach full maturity in 12 months. An adult chicken weighs almost 3 kg, and a rooster weighs up to 4.
  • Excellent chick survival. Regardless of which way the brood was received, young offspring develop quickly. The absence of the mother wing on chicks is not reflected in any way.
  • The rapid growth of young. This characteristic makes it possible to get the maximum benefit when growing chickens for sale.
  • Productivity is good. Eggs for 1 year chicken viyandot carries about 200 pieces, each weighing about 60 g. They have a yellow-brown color, the density of the shell is average.
  • Birds, which have an extremely beautiful coloring, are not flying. They can be kept in a low aviary.
  • Excellent meat quality. It has a good taste, very juicy and tender. Depending on the feeding of birds, meat changes its properties. It happens that such a product is hardly dietary. In some cases, the carcass of the Viandot is yellow and has a lot of fat.
  • Average wearability of individuals.Most chickens of this breed contain up to 5 years. At this age, the hen is still able to give about 150 eggs per year.
  • Livable and peacefulness. Chickens can safely be in the same room with other pets. Birds are easy to tame - they respond to the call of the owner and allow you to pick yourself up.
  • Individuals are famous for their good reproduction. Unlike some breeds, the chicken viyandot has one good feature: before crossing with a rooster, in spite of its rich plumage, it does not need trimming.
  • Stress resistant breed. Birds are not affected by relocation or weather conditions.
  • Individuals of this species are inactive. This fact greatly facilitates their maintenance, since they do not need to be allotted too extensive walking area.

As can be seen from the description, vandot chickens deserve to start breeding them. Therefore, further provided some recommendations experienced poultry farmers on the content of this breed.

Wiandot breed of chickens description

Arrangement of premises

  • Lighting throughout the daylight is an important factor affecting the productivity of birds. Wyandot chicken is capable of great return only in good light.To constantly receive eggs, you need to build a room with the presence of windows and provide additional lighting.
  • It is important to protect birds from contact with representatives of other breeds in order not to expose them to diseases. This can be done with a mesh fence. It is necessary to treat viandota with care, as they have a weak immunity to infections, therefore it is better not to risk it. This also applies to the place for their walking.
  • Nests should be placed at 50 cm from the floor. They must be durable, since the Wyandot chicken is rather bulky.
  • Like all poultry, members of this breed need litter. It would be good to create it from sawdust, as they retain heat as much as possible. The litter should be changed regularly.

wyandot chickens reviews


Judging by the description, Viandot chickens are not picky. Nevertheless, their content should be approached correctly and some nuances should be taken into account.

Growth of chickens depends on the amount of feed consumed. This means that bird feeders should never be empty. In the composition of the feed is obligatory the presence of proteins and proteins for full egg production. Moreover, their content should be increased.Chickens have a need for easily digestible carbohydrates.

Birds need to be given corn and vitamins to protect them from obesity. Various non-nutritive supplements will help to avoid such undesirable manifestations. Otherwise, it will negatively affect egg production.

Chickens are fed finely chopped egg with semolina. As they grow, grass, meat waste and dairy products are gradually introduced. Upon reaching the age of one month, the chicks are transferred to regular feed.

Many experienced poultry farmers feed their hens with special balanced feed.

viandot breed chickens reviews

Recommendations for breeding birds

In the characteristics of any breed of birds there is evidence of a brooding instinct inherent in the female. This characteristic has always served as an important criterion in the selection of poultry. The description of the Wiendot breed of chickens indicates this positive feature. However, only people who breed at home can use this ability.

Typically, experienced farmers do not naturally breed chicks due to the fact that chickens need to be vaccinated.The fact is that such a procedure cannot be carried out without infecting the hen. If you still plan to seat the chicken to incubate the new brood, then vaccination is not necessary. Professionals engaged in breeding birds in large quantities, use the incubator and strongly recommend this method to others.

For young animals it is not recommended to turn on the bright light. With such lighting, the birds begin to peck at each other.

In Russia, vandot chickens are bred in poultry farms. To buy chickens from private owners is difficult because of the decent cost of chicks. To acquire this breed, you can purchase eggs and place them in an incubator.

Wyandot breed chickens silver

Selection and vaccination of young animals

As soon as the chicks dry out, you can immediately distinguish their color. If there are stripes on the head, then the chicken is not pedigree. The small Wiandot should have bare legs, and if a fluff breaks through, the chick is sent for rejection. A distinctive feature of pure breed in day-old chicks is the absence of comb. On subsequent inspections it will be possible to separate the males. Within six months, spend 3 culling.

Wiendot chicken can suffer from Marek's disease, which is accompanied by paralysis.In order to protect the future offspring from this scourge, at day old the chickens are vaccinated.

Young animals are vaccinated against pneumovirus. The procedure is carried out by instillation of the drug in the eyes or nose of the chick. Chickens can get sick as soon as they are born, so this vaccine is put at the age of one day. After 14 days, revaccination is performed, and to maintain immunity, the procedures are carried out every 5-6 weeks, up to 4 months of age.

Vianandot chickens breed description


Although in our country such chickens have been around for a long time, they are not always available for free sale. Some poultry farmers bought birds at special fairs, others ordered in Poland. About Wyandot chickens reviews are good. People say that they rush well and can be bred at home. Chickens are very independent hens, chickens are rather large. There are comments in which the owners write that these birds are so beautiful, besides they are attached to a person, and then it is a pity to let them in for meat. And one more thing that farmers often mention. Few birds differ in such stamina as the Wiandot breed of chickens.Reviews of some poultry farmers indicate that representatives of the breed are able to survive the harsh winter without additional insulation.


Experienced poultry farmers recommend beginners to start a business with breeding hens vyandot. The description and recommendations of farmers allow to draw certain conclusions and think about this profitable acquisition. For those who live in harsh regions, this is generally the best choice! In addition to endurance, birds with bordered air plumage have a unique appeal.

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