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Gloria Jeans trading network is known to manyreaders from Russia and near abroad. No small history of existence (about the company was first heard in 1988), recognition, brand promotion, a wide network of Gloria Jeans stores all lead to the fact that many people want to try themselves as a corporation employee. Our article will help you to make a decision in choosing this one - let's talk about the company itself, and also introduce you to the analysis of reviews of its current or former workers.

About Gloria Jeans

The corporation calls itselfvertically integrated retailer. Its specialization is design, manufacture and sale of fashionable clothes, footwear and various accessories for adults and children. It is not necessary to assume, proceeding from the name, that products necessarily jeans are products from the most various materials. The company operates under two brands - Gloria Jeans and Gee Jay. She is a recognized leader in the Russian and Ukrainian market in the fast fashion segment.

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What is special about the products that are presented in thestores "Gloria Jeans"? The remaining mass-markets "sin" by buying ready-made collections from their suppliers - Hong Kong, French, Japanese or American companies. "Gloria Jeans" itself develops and produces all of its products. Its design centers are located not only in Russia, but also in cities such as Istanbul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, São Paulo.

The central office of Gloria Jeans in Moscow. From there, two large logistics centers are being managed in Novoshakhtinsk and Novosibirsk, as well as eight regional offices. Today the company employs more than 15 thousand people. At the end of 2016, the chain of stores "Gloria Jeans" in St. Petersburg, Moscow, as well as other 319 cities of Russia, Georgia and Ukraine accounted for more than 550 stores. The turnover of the corporation for this year amounted to 34 billion rubles. By the end of 2017 the addresses of "Gloria Jeans" are planned to make already 1100 positions!

Specificity of corporation

Based on the results of consulting researchcompany McKinsey, about "Gloria Jeans" know 95% of Russians. What is the reason for such popularity? The company strives to create light, simple, but at the same time fashionable clothes. Also it can rightly be called a family brand - it is possible to find children's jeans, blouses, skirts, sports clothes and shoes, women's business blouses, skirts, men's casual clothes, youth products and accessories in the spirit of the latest fashion trends in the "Gloria Jeans".

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The company constantly monitors worlddesign trends, while creating a completely affordable for the average family clothes and shoes. Quite often in the "Gloria Jeans" discounts. The excellent "price-quality-fashion" ratio is guaranteed by the following:

  • Presence of own design centers.
  • Appeal both to one's own and the world's experience in terms of design, fashion and production.
  • The company employs specialists of international level, having experience of cooperation with the world's most famous brands.
  • Constant concern for production - its expansion in connection with the needs of the corporation, the purchase of modern equipment.
  • The opening of logistics centers for the earliest receipt of the latest collections, even at the most remote addresses of "Gloria Jeans".
  • Reduction of costs at each stage - production, promotion, sale, - through cooperation with professional consulting companies.

Jobs in "Gloria Jeans"

On the open vacancies of "Gloria Jeans" in Moscow,Petersburg and other cities of Russia you can directly find out on the official website of the corporation - scroll the main page to the end and go to the section "Vacancies". They are represented by a large assortment:

  • shop assistant;
  • clerk;
  • sysadmin;
  • an application support worker;
  • cashier;
  • human resources department inspector;
  • HR manager;
  • business analyst;
  • driver;
  • merchandiser;
  • leading specialist of various support groups;
  • storekeeper;
  • Chief Engineer;
  • seamstress;
  • counter-packer;
  • computer's operator;
  • administrator;
  • Web Programmer;
  • designer, designer of clothes;
  • Project Manager;
  • lawyer;
  • interpreter;
  • commodity manager;
  • manager and so on.

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As the company reports, it needs young and ambitious employees who:

  • They like to look stylish, and also adore fashionable clothes, accessories and shoes.
  • Do not shy away creativity and creative approach to solving problems.
  • They like to achieve diverse goals and a dynamic working environment.
  • They are able to work in a team, but they do not leave personal responsibility.

And instead of "Gloria Jeans" in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities can offer, according to its assurance, the following:

  • stable s / n;
  • full social package;
  • opportunity for career growth;
  • interesting employment;
  • practice of English;
  • the ability to learn from leading Western experts.

Agree, all we sounded will not leavedoubt that you will make the right choice by sending your resume to Gloria Jeans. But let's get acquainted with the feedback on the work in the "Gloria Jeans" of those who had experience of cooperation with this company. First, we will touch on the opinions on certain common vacancies, and then general pluses and minuses of work in the corporation.


As you can see, not everyone who came to the internship in "Gloria Jeans" was pleased with her and wanted to continue her career in the corporation:

  • There is no proper training of trainees.
  • Beginners are entrusted with employment, not included in their authority - in particular, washing the sexes.
  • More newcomers are invited to the internship than the store needs employees.
  • Internship is free - if you are denied employment, then you worked for the benefit of "Gloria Jeans" absolutely free of charge.

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Shop assistant

Comments on the work in "Gloria Jeans" seller a few optimistic others:

  • Timely calculation of wages.
  • Convenient schedule (2/2).
  • A small salary. In a number of cases, with labor, wages were promised much higher than the real one.
  • Recycling - in fact the seller works much more hours per day than indicated in his contract.
  • The seller-consultant often performs both the role of the loader, and the role of the cleaner.
  • The presence in the schedule of night shifts (inventory).


An analysis of the responses to the work in "Gloria Jeans" by the cashier showed the following:

  • There is no full-fledged internship or preparation of an employee for this employment.
  • Workers note violation of labor legislation of. In particular, unreasonable delays of employees after the end of the working day without absence of payment for overtime work.
  • An uncomfortable work schedule (3/1).
  • Delivery of a large number of reports.
  • The cashier can not use for rest all breaks promised in the employment contract.

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We'll tell you what the former and current administrators of the stores shared:

  • To get a job, you do not need a special education or experience.
  • An inadequate reporting system - you have to do extra work.


Let's get acquainted with the experience of the merchandiser in "Gloria Jeans":

  • The vacancy is open to all comers.
  • A strict system of penalties even for minor violations.

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Common advantages

We note the positive feedback on the work in the "Gloria Jeans", not relating to a certain post, but relating to the whole corporation as a whole:

  • Discount for employees is 25% for the entire range (some note that they are effective when buying more than one thing).
  • In no small part of the shops there is a friendly team.
  • The employer welcomes the recruitment of staff without experience - for further training and internships.
  • Opportunity for career growth.
  • Timely accrual of salary, advance payment.
  • Official employment.
  • Getting the necessary experience to work in the trade.
  • Convenient location of shops (most often - in large shopping centers, close to stops, transport interchanges).

Common disadvantages

Finally look at the minuses of employment in the "Gloria Jeans" - according to reviews of its employees:

  • Large amount of work.
  • Staff turnover.
  • In some shops - incompetent leadership, lack of respect for the employee.
  • There is a gross violation of labor legislation - processing, fulfillment of tasks that are not included in the job description.
  • The complexity of employment for part-time students.
  • Often the work day lasts 12 or even 14 hours.
  • The problem with lunch breaks is one for the entire work shift (considering the previous point).
  • Not all shops have a suitable staff rest room, kitchen.
  • Difficulty of career growth - workers note that the increase is most often due to the personal attitude of the leadership, rather than the achievements of the worker.

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Corresponding to official information and subjectivereviews, the reader, of course, will be in some bewilderment about such a well-known and actively developing company. Unfortunately, the share of positive feedback about the work in Gloria Jeans does not exceed 15-20% of the total. Of course, this can be observed because it is unfair, in his opinion, a dismissed employee is likely to write an angry comment about a past job, than the worker who left it on his own will. But we can not note the fact that negative feedbacks have the same minuses of work in the corporation.

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