Window replacement

I want to give my grandmother an anniversary gift - change all the windows in the house. Tell me where to start with which company is better to cooperate? Wooden do not want to put, only plastic. Desirable company with Lyubertsov
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Answered 3 August 13:00
Very commendable! But are you sure that the grandmother will be glad and will appreciate such a gift? Most people in the age do not like change, they like the old, but the usual. I once wanted to change my wallpaper - then I felt sorry for myself)
Answered on August 3, 13:15
It is advisable to first discuss with the grandmother, so that later you don’t have to change back. But the idea is not bad. After all, there will be a large heat savings in the house and better sound insulation. And the most important advantage will be that they are easier to care for, they do not need to be painted or special service. The main thing is to choose good workers for an accurate and high-quality installation. There are not so many companies by plastic windows in Lyubertsy, but you can still search for a suitable option. For example, such a company, according to the description and reviews - pretty good
Answered 3 august 13:25
I would not advise you to hire workers. From personal experience I will say that installing oneself is much cheaper. Watch the video as people install, look for quality windows and get busy.

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