Will the nine-storey buildings be demolished in Moscow? Rumors and news

A large-scale renovation program in the Russianthe capital caused a wide wave of discussion at various levels - from ordinary citizens to large public organizations. The desire of the Moscow administration to improve the lives of owners of dilapidated apartments was not so unambiguous. In the course of the discussion, many weaknesses in the program were identified, but the proposal was generally welcomed. At the same time, many residents still have questions as to whether the nine-story buildings in Moscow will be demolished and which houses can get into the program.

will demolish the nine-story building in Moscow

Nemassovye drifts of nine-storey buildings

Measures for the demolition of buildings in different formsThere are also outside special housing renewal programs. The standard form of demolition of nine floors provides for the analysis of the building, technical expertise and subsequent removal of the decision on the future of the facility. This can be the preservation of the house in the current form, reconstruction, repair or demolition. The latter decision is often taken after the issuance of a judicial act, which is based on a technical conclusion on the state of the building. Therefore, the answer to the question of whether the nine-storey buildings will be demolished in Moscow, in general, will be positive, since dilapidated houses are revealed regularly. As a rule, these buildings are 40-50 years old, the designs and communications of which are no longer amenable to restoration. The reason for the demolition, or rather for the initiation of technical expertise, usually becomes the treatment of residents of old houses in need of resettlement.

Demolition as part of the development strategy until 2025

will demolish panel nine-storey buildings in Moscow

For several years the town-planningplan for the development of Moscow, designed for a period of up to 2025. The concept of the plan involves the demolition of high-rise buildings, among which not only nine-story buildings, but twelve-storey houses. To date, the plan has been slightly adjusted and provides for selective demolition of dilapidated high-rise buildings and individual modifications. For example, some buildings of the II-18 series are subject to demolition, but houses II-49 are planned to be left. Will demolish one-porch ninth-storey buildings in Moscow - also a controversial issue, because other factors will be taken into account in the decision making process. Even belonging to a specific modification and construction period is not an accurate qualification from the point of view of demolition. Nevertheless, the general trend is towards relocating people from small and medium-story houses to high-rise buildings. In this context, even nine-story buildings are not considered as the optimal format for a residential building in the capital, since resettlement is planned in fifteen-storey buildings. Against this background, the more obvious is the renovation program.

Nine-storey buildings in the renovation program

will demolish the brick nine-story building in Moscow

Most of the houses included in the programrenovation, - five-story building. But not only these houses will be demolished. Nine-storey buildings also belong to the Khrushchevs. Another thing is that not all objects from both categories will eventually be resettled. If we talk about signs, then in this case we are talking about the same technical condition of houses. Therefore, the question as to whether the panel nine-storey buildings will be demolished in Moscow within the framework of the renovation project will be determined after a technical analysis of the condition of the house. But there is another aspect. Not all buildings that are part of the program are in critical condition, unsafe for tenants. As the authorities note, their task in the renovation program is not to demolish all emergency houses, but to take care of the residents in advance, whose homes in the coming years can become emergency. Therefore, at this stage, the issue of the demolition of nine-story buildings within the framework of renovation will be decided by the vote of the tenants themselves.

Which houses will be demolished?

will demolish one-run nine-story buildings in Moscow

To date, the list has not yet been formedhouses that will be demolished. Moreover, even the terms of the demolition are not approved. According to the mayor of the capital, the renovation program is designed for 15 years, so even in the dilapidated nine-storey buildings, tenants can stay for quite a long time. At the same time, the list of objects for demolition is replenished with houses, which will already be exactly in the project. Most of them are still five-story buildings, but there are a lot of high-rise buildings. It is known only that a significant part of the target buildings are located in the middle part of the city, close to the Moscow Ring Road. Especially this applies to the north and north-east. There are also whole districts that will not be affected. For example, the question of whether the nine-storey buildings in Moscow will be demolished near the metro station "Skhodnenskaya", at the moment implies a negative answer. Perhaps in the future, residents of individual houses will express their desire to settle, but so far there are many areas in which it is planned to demolish only five- and three-story houses.

Is it possible to refuse resettlement?

In the case of the demolition of an emergency home,the apartment owner can try to challenge this decision in court. However, most often after the first decision, people agree to update the living conditions. Not to mention that in most cases they themselves are initiators. The situation is more complicated in the cases of program projects - will the nine-storey buildings be demolished in Moscow, if the owners do not want this? Under the law on the same renovation the house can not be entered into the program if one third of the owners voted against resettlement. In other cases, the decision to demolish will be approved, even regardless of the opinion of the minority. As compensation, the authors of the program promise that all tenants of demolished houses will receive no less worthy real estate.

What awaits the residents of the demolished houses?

will demolish block nine-story buildings in Moscow

As already mentioned, each owner of an apartment indemolished house is entitled to receive at least a similar cost of living space. But there are also nuances. First, with a high degree of probability, even tenants of nine-story buildings will be relocated to higher buildings - twelve or fifteen stories. This is an undoubted negative, and not the only one. Secondly, resettlement will be carried out in remote areas, with rare exceptions. Will the nine-story buildings in Moscow be demolished outside the center, in the Central Administrative District or Zelenograd - it does not matter, because at the moment there are no clear rules guaranteeing the binding of new housing to the place of former residence. On the other hand, the administration assures that all new houses and apartments will be built on a higher quality modern level, will have a developed infrastructure and attractive architectural design.

Block and panel houses - is there any difference?

Both panel and block houses in softwareDemolition documents are often placed in a single row as potentially accidental. Especially it concerns the panel buildings, which are directly mentioned in the renovation project. Will demolish block nine-storey buildings in Moscow - not so obvious, but if there are signs of wear and tear, tenants of such objects may well apply with an appropriate application to the mayor's office.


will demolish the nine-story building in Moscow near the metro

Renovation of the housing stock by demolition of oldhouses and construction of new ones is a common practice that takes place in a constant mode. Today in the capital there are more large-scale processes, the purpose of which is to massively improve living conditions. Nevertheless, there are also opponents of similar programs that evaluate their homes as suitable for life for many more years. In this sense, the question of whether the brick nine-storey buildings will be demolished in Moscow is actual? Such houses are considered to be more durable and only in rare cases fall into the lists for demolition due to the fatigue of load-bearing structures. Therefore, tenants who are interested in preserving the brick house can protect it without any difficulty, arguing against demolition. This is possible in the case not only with nine floors, but also with Stalinist five-story houses.

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