Wildlife buyout percentage - what is it?

Online stores around the world face enormous competition. Therefore, they are developing new means of attracting customers. But interest in the resource, as a rule, is not difficult. The public has to keep in the store, constantly feed interest in him.

Next we have to deal with the percentage of redemption Wildberries. What is it? How can this feature retain customers? What was it designed for? How does the redemption rate work? All this will be answered. In fact, this option pleasantly surprises. It does not imply any difficult moments. With a percentage of redemption Wildberries can even figure out a student.redemption percentage of wildberries what is it

About Store

But first, a few words about the Wildberries site. What it is?

This is the name of the largest online store in Russia. It is distributed throughout the country. Wildberrys offers a variety of products. Here you can buy everything your heart desires - from household chemicals and clothing to major equipment and literature.

To receive the goods, you can use either the pickup points, or delivery and courier services. There are offices for issuing Wildberries in many cities.Here you can not only pay for your order, but also consider it carefully by checking its equipment. If desired, products are allowed to return to the store.

A distinctive feature of Wildberries are constant discounts. Every day you can find any promotions and sales. They allow you to save a lot of money. Sometimes the price tags on Wildberry are lower than in ordinary shops of the city! And regular customers are offered a variety of additional bonuses.

For example, there is such a component as the percentage of redemption of wildberries. What it is? Why do we need this component?


To understand these issues, it is necessary to thoroughly study the process of cooperation with the store. When placing orders, as a rule, customers do not pay. They can first receive and review the product, and then pay for it. If defects are revealed, the products are given to the store and a refund is issued.

Wildlife buyout percentage - what is it? Thus it is customary to describe the ratio of all ordered products on the site to the purchased goods. In other words, with the help of the above option, you can find out how often a person refused his orders.At first glance it seems that there is nothing difficult in this component. But actually it is not. If you carefully study the percentage of redemption, it becomes clear that everything is not so simple.wildberries redemption percentage

Why come up with?

This option is useful only for those who plan to cooperate with Wildberry for a long time. For people who want to make one-time purchases here, it is not necessary. After all, the ransom will play a role only with significant spending. Everybody should remember this.

What does the percentage of redemption in wildberries? This component was invented in order to be able to place orders without prepayment. The higher the corresponding figure, the more purchases without advance payment are allowed to make. At this point, the significance of the percentage of redemption does not end. Below we will consider other ways to use this option in the online store.


As already mentioned, the percentage of redemption on Wildberries is needed so that the user can order goods without prepayment. After all, some have to pay for the delivery of products. Such people are disappointed with the online store, especially if they make returns.

However, you should not be afraid of prepayment.It is provided only for those who often return products to the store. But, as we have already emphasized, there are other areas of application of this component.

Wildlife buyout percentage - what is it? So you can call a means of providing individual discounts to regular customers. The percentage of redemption over time opens up access to additional bonuses that work on an ongoing basis.

However, individual discounts do not apply to all products. For more precise information about the restrictions, the user will be able to see in his profile on Wildberry.what is the redemption amount in the wildberries

Impact factors

The features of the function being studied do not end there. Wildlife buyout percentage - what is it? We have already found the answer to this question. We can say that the so-called means of obtaining additional discounts to the regular customer, taking into account all the ordered and purchased items. Nothing hard!

But individual factors are influenced by various factors. Namely:

  • ordered items;
  • purchased goods;
  • returned products;
  • The amount of money spent on the resource (in total).

Accordingly, the percentage of redemption separately from the other components will not work. The option will lose all meaning.

Where to look?

We found out what the percentage of redemption in Wildberries means. And where can I see it?

This information is available only to registered individuals. To watch it, you will need:

  1. Log in to the online store.
  2. Click on the button "My Account". She is in the upper right corner.
  3. Click on the "My Discount" tab.
  4. Examine the information on the page that appears.

Here you can also see the hyperlink "Calculation table ...". It allows you to visually see the calculation of the percentage of redemption on Wildberries. What it is, we found out. And each registered user is able to get acquainted with the detailed scheme for calculating individual discounts.

More studied component is not displayed anywhere. It is applied when making purchases automatically. Unregistered users can not see the percentage of redemption, as well as to make orders for Wildberry.buyout on wildberries

Counting order

Now a few words about how to calculate the studied component. It is clear what the percentage of redemption of wildberries affects. But how can the user calculate it? This process raises a huge number of different questions.

In fact, everything is simple.It is necessary to simply divide the amount of the purchased products into the remainder, resulting in the deduction of defective goods and from the money for all orders (returned and those that were taken). Next, multiply the resulting figure by 100%. This will be the percentage of foreclosure. Nothing complicated. Simple math operations that are familiar in elementary school.

To be clear, it is better to consider how the percentage of redemption in Wildberries is calculated using a clear example. Suppose we ordered a product in the amount of 20 000 rubles. Of these, 2,000 rubles returned products, 3,000 rubles found a marriage. The remainder was bought out. It turns out: (15 000 / (20 000 - 3 000)) * 100% = 88.24. This is about 88%. So much will be the percentage of redemption.

Amount of discount

What does the percentage of Wildberries buy? This indicator shows us the purchased goods in relation to all orders made. He, as already mentioned, allows you to receive additional discounts. They are provided for regular customers.

What percentage of redemption in Wildberries allows you to receive discounts? It all depends on the amount of the ransom and on the studied indicator as a whole. The maximum you can get a discount of 17%. In some cases, provides 10-15%. For some goods the maximum discount of the regular customer is only 7%.In his profile Wildberries the user will be able to familiarize himself with a detailed table of discounts depending on the expenses incurred. For the first bonus, you need to spend 15,000 rubles and redeem more than 30% of the goods.what does the percentage of redemption on wildberries mean

Accordingly, until a person has 15,000 rubles in expenditure, the redemption percentage will not play any significant role. It will affect future discounts. And so you should think a few times before making out a refund.

Discount Restrictions

What is the amount of redemption in Wildberries, we figured out. And what is the percentage of redemption formed from? Everything is extremely simple and clear.

It is important to keep in mind that regular customer discounts on wildberries do not apply to all products. And some categories of goods have limitations on the offered bonuses.

For example, if the order is made from the sections: beauty, for the home, books, toys and CDs, then the maximum discount for the regular customer will be 7%. And this with a high percentage of redemption, regardless of the rank of the user.

Discounts for a regular customer do not apply to goods worth less than 500 rubles (including all additional bonuses and promotional codes), as well as to the sections: stock, for newborns, dietary supplements, children's transport, electronics, Vichy, BabyCollections, Ecco, "Oji", F5, "Milan" and others.A complete list of restrictions can be viewed in your profile. It changes from time to time.

Discounts for the regular customer are not provided for residents of Chukotka, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Magadan. For them, the percentage of redemption Wildberries is not so important.

This ends all the restrictions. Usually, when calculating the percentage of redemption, products purchased in six months are taken into account. If it is absent, all committed expenses are taken into account. The studied component has been working since 2016.

Ways to increase

Partial redemption allowed on Wildberries. This means that a person pays something, but refuses something. If we are talking about marriage or manufacturing defects, the return will not be taken into account when calculating the redemption percentage. Otherwise, the partial redemption is no different from the full payment of the order.how is the redemption rate in wildberries calculated

Many are wondering how to increase the redemption rate on wildberries. After all, sometimes clothes and shoes do not fit the style or size. It is impossible to predict. And to lose a high percentage of redemption, as well as additional discounts do not want. Are there any unique means of increasing this indicator?

Wildlife buyout percentage - what is it? As we have already found out, this is the ratio of the purchased products to all orders with the exception of marriage. So, you just need to buy the product and not return it.

This is the only way to increase Wildlife Foreclosure. To reduce the likelihood of return, it is recommended to thoroughly study the customer reviews about products (they are directly in the online store), as well as a description of what a person plans to order.

Are all returns counted?

Despite all the listed features, users still do not quite understand how the redemption rate is calculated. With partial payment of the goods, the amount paid will be added to the total expenses. And the balance and return - to the size of all completed orders. It's simple.

Defective goods, as we have already emphasized, are not taken into account. Sometimes users complain that they have returned products due to incomplete equipment or external damage, and the percentage of redemption has decreased. Wildberries administrators claim that this is normal. After the goods arrive back, an examination will be carried out. If it turns out that the equipment is incomplete and the damage was not caused by the customer, the redemption percentage will return to its previous state. Otherwise, it will be permanently reduced.

What to do with a product that does not fit the size or style? It can not be returned.More precisely, this should not be done if you want to have a high rate of redemption on the site. Such situations are not considered a marriage or manufacturing defect. Accordingly, the refund amount will affect the function studied.


So, we figured out what the percentage of redemption on wildberries means. And how to raise it too. In addition, we were able to understand where to find this component.

What is the redemption amount in wildberries? So called indicator, reflecting all products that have been paid by the client.what gives the percentage of redemption in wildberries

Sharply decreased the percentage of redemption Wildberries? You can view the relevant information in your profile. In case of errors or claims it is worth contacting the store administration. It’s not easy to do - it will take a long time to wait for an answer. But if you show perseverance and patience, you can succeed. The administration will either eliminate the mistake of calculating the percentage of the ransom, or will try to explain the adjustment of this component.

All of the above indicates that with careful selection of goods on Wildberries, you can have a high redemption rate. So, individual discounts are not far off! More purchases and fewer returns are the key to success in raising the redemption rate of Wildberries. What is this, we have already considered in detail.

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