Why do women leave?

The relationship between a man and a woman is the most difficult topic to discuss, since two characters are involved here. Different reactions to the same problem, and as a result - misunderstanding, which leads to alienation. There can be many crisis moments, and they can occur for completely different reasons. The reasons why women leave families are also many, and it all depends on the specific family and specific situation. There is a certain fault in the way the family looks in terms of the patriarchal society, where the husband’s task is to provide for the family. It does not indicate that he should pay attention and care to his wife.

It is psychological problems that are the basis for the decision to end the relationship. Such a decision can “ripen” for years, but one fine day it happens, and women leave forever. As a percentage, the number of wives who filed for divorce is several times more than their husbands.

Main reasons

  • Addiction to alcohol. It is the husbands love for alcohol that is the main reason why women leave men.It does not have to be a classic alcoholism. If a man consumes alcohol regularly, his circle of interests decreases markedly, he begins to degrade as a person. Often, under the influence of alcohol, a man becomes aggressive and quick-tempered, begins to provoke scandals. If alcohol use becomes chronic, then men can lose their jobs, and the family can lose their income. In this case, the entire responsibility for the welfare falls on the wife. And even if a woman worked before, such a double load affects her psychological state.
  • Violence. Physical assault in the family is the second most common reason why a woman leaves her husband. Often this problem is a derivative of the first problem - alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, physical slaughter, pushing, and even verbal threats of such violence are also referred to as physical domestic violence. Usually after an act of aggression, the husband becomes soft and begins to promise to improve. Do not believe such promises, because this behavior is systematic at its core, and will be repeated regularly.
  • TreasonThis reason is more concerned with successful men who may not even have bad habits. Especially succumb to the temptations of husbands, by the nature of the activities of a lot of time spent at work, in a team with the ladies. In this regard, women leave from beautiful and often wealthy men, because they continue to enjoy success with women and do not deny themselves bachelor habits. Such husbands may also be emotionally cold, or, conversely, unnecessarily romantic. Which, in turn, also has a bad effect on relationships. In some cases, adultery occurs after the wife gains excess weight, especially after giving birth, and ceases to look spectacular. This indicates that the husband initially perceived his wife as a set of external data, which tends to change.
  • Indifference spouse. Usually this is the reason that leads to female infidelity. Lack of interest in the life and interests of women leads to the fact that she will look for attention from other people. Psychologically, for a woman, it looks like a clear alienation. And there is a feeling that she lives just with a stranger.At the same time, such husbands still take his wife for granted. Ie, that she is obliged to do all household chores, to perform marital duty. But at the same time, other aspects of her life spouse do not care.
  • Reluctance to have children. A very common cause of divorce, because it is procreation that is a priority for a woman. Men, biologically, can perfectly do without offspring. Also, the stronger sex scares the responsibility for the upbringing and maintenance of the child, so many in this matter are categorical. Such a marriage may exist if the wife also does not want to have children, which is very rare.
  • Character mismatch. The most common cause of divorce in young couples or, on the contrary, in those who have lived together for decades. It is the difference in the psychological attitudes of partners that makes resolving conflicts sometimes impossible. Many couples experiencing communication problems solved this problem in an unconventional way. Same-sex relationships often begin after such problems in an ordinary family. And cases where the wife went to a woman or her husband - to a man, are increasingly manifested. SinceThe basis of the family is mutual understanding and support, which sometimes with your partner can no longer be found.

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