Why does the internet crash?

Marina Fedotova
Marina Fedotova
February 7, 2013
Why does the internet crash?

The answer to this question is not unambiguous, because several factors can lead to network downtime, as well as trivial (not installed / not updated drivers for the mother card / chipset), as well as serious ones. So, the answer to the question: why the Internet often crashes, will be considered and filed as the most frequent causes of disconnection or non-operation of the Internet.

The reasons for the departure of the Internet

  • The first and frequent reason may be, of course, problems with the delivery of a good signal by your provider. Contact technical support and find out if there is a problem on the line. If the reason is this, then it will be solved by the specialists of your company supplying Internet services.
  • If the tech support replied that everything is fine with you and the Internet should be there, then you need to look for the reason in your computer. First of all, you need to check your computer for viruses. At this time there are a large number of malicious files that can easily paralyze the work of both the Internet and the computer as a whole.Check with a few anti-virus programs in order to completely eliminate the problem with viruses.
  • If the virus check did not help, then you should check the network card. There may be a conflict with your devices or incorrectly installed drivers. If the reason is in the network card, then you need to buy a new one, after consulting with experts in this field.
  • It is also worth checking the motherboard and all the devices that you have installed, it means “iron”. Perhaps the problem is in the same conflict of devices that you purchased, then the solution is to buy new parts. And what remains to do?
  • By the way, the reason why the Internet constantly crashes can also lead to overheating of the main processor. High speeds and the presence of dust can easily create such a problem for you. The way out is to carry out a full diagnostics of the computer, to clean, blow away from the dust everything that can be cleaned.
  • Also, you can try to reinstall the operating system. If the last operating system you installed, the Internet worked, then you should roll back the latest changes.

If you yourself can not eliminate this reason why the Internet crashes, then contact the experts. They won't harm your computer for sure.

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