Why skin flakes off?

There are few lucky people with excellent skin condition. Smooth, matte, soft and velvety skin - the limit of perfection! Acne, acne, excess sebum or desquamation are the problems of many people. Today we will focus on the latter.

Why skin starts to peel off

The skin flakes off when it loses its elasticity and cracks. This is what happens: if before the cells fell off one by one (normal), now they are exfoliated by scales, whole layers. Because of what the skin loses its elasticity:

  • The case is serious, if the skin does not just peel off, but in addition has a red tint, rash, itching or sore. It is inflamed, which means there is a chance of allergies, mycosis, psoriasis, demodicosis, eczema or seborrhea. You need to urgently contact a dermatologist.
  • If the skin only peels off the face, then most likely the culprit is you! Incorrectly selected cosmetics for your skin and poor care for it most often cause scaling.
  • Why does the baby's skin flake off? A newborn on the 3-7 day of his life skin peeling - a natural physiological process that passes itself. This is especially pronounced in retarded children.some use baby cream.

Why the skin on a face is shelled

  • Cosmetics and improper care. This includes not only cream and lipstick, but also cleansers, tonics, scrubs and masks. No matter how expensive you use, if you do not fit, your skin condition will deteriorate. Of course, every person needs to maintain facial hygiene, but washing your face several times a day is too much. Face skin can peel off from the fact that you deprive it of its natural protective barrier, if you wash too often, with hot water, and even with antibacterial soap. Imagine how after that the skin of the face dries out, irritates and peels off.
  • Vitamin deficiency. If the body does not get the right amount of vitamins, which often occurs in the winter-spring period, the skin of the face begins to peel off. It plays a role not only the effects of cold, but also winter avitaminosis. Use a nourishing cream with vitamins after thorough cleansing of the skin. In addition, drink a course of multivitamins.

Why the skin on a body is shelled

  • Washing powder is not suitable.
  • Hot baths several times a day deprive the skin of natural cream (sebum).
  • Unusually powerful influence of sunlight and salt water at sea.
  • You consume a small amount of water. A person should drink up to 1.5 liters of ordinary water per day (not tea, soups, etc.)!
  • Dry indoor air. Use humidifiers or houseplants.
  • Dehydration due to frequent use of coffee or alcohol.
  • Lack of vitamins A and E. Use more oil, nuts, vegetables, eggs, liver, carrots and rosehips.

Why skin flakes on the hands and fingers

  • The effects of taking antibiotics.
  • Vitamin A, E and B deficiencies in the body.
  • Allergy to water, soap, hand cream, frost, food.
  • Worms
  • Skin fungus.

It happens that you have to go to the doctor. A dermatologist will answer you why the skin on the elbows peels off. But first, just use a moisturizer and drink a course of vitamins.

Why does the skin on the legs peel off

Most often, the reason that the skin on your legs began to peel off may be the incorrect use of moisturizers. Do not be surprised, but their too frequent use can make the skin too sensitive. The skin of the legs begins to react to all external factors negatively.

But not using these moisturizers at all gives the same result. A woman who removes hairs from her legs with a razor should be sure to lubricate her legs with lotion or cream after this procedure. And for the feet can be advised bath, after which you should also lubricate the legs with cream.

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