Why not love Russia?

Russia is a great power with a population of 143.2 million people. It borders on 18 countries of Europe, Asia, countries of different nationalities, religions.

Russia and Europe

In Europe, Russia borders with Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Finland. Each of these countries had its own history of relations, first with Russia, then with the USSR, and then with Russia. All this time between countries often had controversial issues on the territory. The lands were conquered, the lands were divided, given away. New rulers came, the line was changed. Unfortunately, over time, the history of that time is forgotten, and only complaints about the neighboring country remain. And yet, why Europe does not love Russia?


Other countries are afraid of us, and we are afraid of them. We are a country with nuclear weapons. We do not sink, no matter how bad it was. We are fine, as always, we are ahead of the rest! Who knows what we are going to invent there, suddenly we will capture half the world again. We have the same fear of weak army, disbelief in the government. All this is reflected in the relations of Russians with residents of other countries.


The states around us envy our vast country. Oil, gas and many other minerals in huge quantities! Ballet, musicians, scientists! And this is not all that Russia can be proud of!


All countries are competing for their place in the sun with varying success. That NATO, the CIS, the European Union, the WTO, the EU, the missile defense, then ...! This happens often, with the proof of his rightness, the ignorance of others.


Neighboring relationships are always difficult! The French dislike the British, the Spaniards - the French, the British Spaniards, etc. Czechs jokingly say that they love the New Zealanders, because they are far from them. In general, the state is the people living in it. As people relate to each other in the state, so will others relate to them. If we treat other nations with respect, then they will respond to us with the same.

Critically about myself

Asking why they don’t like Russia, first of all they should look for shortcomings in themselves. Is there much in us that is unacceptable in a civilized society?

  • We do not know how to live in other countries according to their laws, feeling like masters of life!
  • Abroad we live, as well as at home: we drink, orem, hooligans, interfere with others, forgetting that this is not our home. We do not respect propriety.
  • We are deceived, and we continue to believe! We are being cheated again, and we are offended! We are waiting for us to come and protect us!
  • We do not know how to live in purity. No nation in the world leaves as much garbage as the Russians. Everywhere there may be garbage cans, but cigarette butts, bottles, paper can roll alongside!
  • We are corrupt, criminal, and all this happily transferred to other countries!
  • We are not happy with the success of neighbors, friends! We are glad that something did not work out for them! We became callous, empathy disappeared!
  • We appear where we were not waited, we do what we were not asked for!
  • We have a different value scale, we live differently! We work, unfortunately, to live, but do not live to work.
  • How can you love Russian, if they do not love themselves? Ready to sell my mother for money!

However, I never asked myself the question: “Why do I not love Russia?”. I never wanted to go live in another country! I love my Russia! I love the people living here! I love the place where I live! Our people are the most beautiful, the kindest, most intelligent!

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