Why did menstruation start earlier?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 21, 2013

The normal menstrual cycle is important for every girl and woman. It is necessary that menstruation begin and end at a certain time, the amount of bleeding was normal and there was no pain in the lower abdomen. But unfortunately, various menstrual irregularities are far from uncommon. One of these violations - when menstruation begins prematurely. What is the reason? Why did menstruation start earlier? Now we will understand.

So, if the monthly began early for a couple of days and only 1-2 times, then you should not worry too much. This may be the result of temporary environmental effects (relocation, climate change, etc.), stress, illness, temporary nutritional problems. Usually such reasons are one-time, and in 1-2 months the menstrual cycle is restored.

The situation is different if the monthly periods start earlier for a week or more, the menstrual cycle is shorter than 21 days, and this has been going on for several months.In this case, be sure to contact your gynecologist, because the causes of violation of menstruation can be serious.

So let's look at why menstruation started earlier, and this is not the first time.

  1. Diseases of the nervous system, constant stress. Prolonged stress greatly affects the body as a whole and the urinogenital system in particular.
  2. Diseases of the internal genital organs of infectious and non-infectious nature.
  3. Severe infectious diseases.
  4. Hereditary predisposition (if the grandmother or mother had the same problems).
  5. Bad habits - smoking, alcohol and drugs.
  6. Inflammatory diseases of the genital organs - uterine myoma, adenomyosis, endometriosis, cancer of the cervix and uterus, ovarian tumors.
  7. Termination of pregnancy - miscarriage, abortion.
  8. Incorrect positioning of the intrauterine device.
  9. Improper diet, which leads to excessive fullness or thinness, causes vitamin deficiency, etc.
  10. Severe diseases of internal organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, blood).
  11. Take some medication.
  12. Radiation, poisoning.

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