Why itch your elbows

Pruritus is a rather unpleasant phenomenon, but familiar to everyone. He can have a lot of reasons - from the reaction to insect bites to such serious diseases as scabies and lichen. However, what to do if your elbows itch, and other parts of the body do not bother? Immediately make an appointment with a dermatologist or limit the application of a soothing cream? In this article we consider the most common causes of this phenomenon.itchy elbows


So why are your elbows itching? The first thing most dermatologists will suggest in this case is xerosis, that is, increased dryness of the skin. It may occur as a reaction of the skin to excessively active detergents or cosmetics (your cream or shower gel may not be suitable for you) or during natural aging. In order to relieve itching, try to temporarily abandon all contact with chemicals.


If your elbows are itching, eczema may be to blame - a chronic skin and allergic disease. As the main symptom of eczema should be called a sharp reddening of individual areas of the skin, which at first strongly peel off, and then covered with scab.The main trigger factor in this case is inflammation of the deep skin layer. In the initial stage of the disease, irritated areas usually cover the hands, elbows and knees. In young children, eczema is manifested primarily on the face and neck.if your elbows are itching


In the case when the elbows are itching because of eczema, it is first necessary to find out the cause of the disease. As a rule, it lies in the failure of the immune system, which leads to the fact that the body begins to react negatively to certain specific products, effects or stressful situations. Often, eczema is inherited.

Who is at risk?

It would be a mistake to assume that someone prone to eczema more than others. The disease, which scratches the elbows, can occur at any age, as in a one-year-old child, and in an elderly person. Quite often, the disease that manifested itself in childhood disappears without a trace by adulthood.why do your elbows itch


Often, eczema develops on the background of dysbiosis. This suggests that the first treatment should not be its external manifestations (that is, the skin), but to restore the intestinal flora.When dysbacteriosis in the stomach and intestines, pathogenic microorganisms multiply and need to be eliminated. The best tool in this respect is considered ordinary activated carbon; folk remedies such as celandine and apple cider vinegar are also quite effective.


If you find out that your elbows are itching because of eczema, and you have been officially diagnosed, you should remember the following: as noted above, eczema is provoked by stressful situations.

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