Why is the nose dry at the kitten?

Most owners judge the status of their pets on their nose. So they determine if the cat is healthy. It is believed that if the kitten has a dry and warm nose, then he is most likely sick. But in reality this statement is incorrect, more precisely not quite correct. Why? Now let's look at this in detail.

Is the nose dry at the kitten - is it a sign of illness? Is it worth worrying to the owners?

Ideally, the nose of the kitten is almost always moist and cool, due to frequent licking and protruding secretion of the mucous membrane. The temperature of the cats is a couple of degrees higher than the human. Therefore, it may seem to us that the nose is dry at the kitten. Ears, by the way, can also be warm for the same reason.

nose dry with kittenDuring sleep or rest, the cat may have a dry spout. This does not mean that she is sick and feels bad. If the nose is dry at the kitten and while it is sluggish, then the owners should, of course, prick up their ears. Also, the pet may have a poor appetite. This is also an occasion to pay close attention to the pet.

The main reasons for the appearance of such a symptom

Let's see why the kitten has a dry nose. The main provoking factors are those faced by the owners of cats almost every day. But not all reasons can indicate a disease or a poor health of the pet. These symptoms can be divided into two categories: domestic character, as well as when the disease occurs.

Causes of domestic character

First, let's talk not about diseases. Now consider the reasons for everyday life. These include:

  • the recent awakening of the pet;
  • in the room where the kitten is now, very dry and hot;
  • the pet was very frightened or stressed out;
  • The kitten for a long time was near a heat source or a lot of time lay in the sun.

Manifestation of ailments

Also, the nose can be warm if the pet is sick. Let's look at some other signs of the disease. These include the following:

  • prolonged sleep;
  • hot ears;
  • sneezing;
  • poor appetite;
  • apathy;
  • frequent pulse;
  • lethargy;
  • binge eating;
  • deep breathing.

why does the kitten have a dry noseNote that if you notice that the nose is dry at the kitten, and your ears are warm, then do not immediately run to the veterinarian. As a rule, heat transfer in such small animals is not established, as needed, the temperature at them is higher than in adult cats. What is the cause of this phenomenon? The body protects the small kitten from hypothermia. The nose can be dry and warm several times a day, regardless of sleep and games.

Still some possible signs of display of an illness

In addition to those features that we discussed above, there may be other manifestations that also indicate the development of the disease:

  • vomiting;
  • discharge from the spout;
  • frequent or, conversely, too rare trips to the toilet;
  • anxiety;
  • sharp loss of hair;
  • loose stools;
  • blood in the feces.

why the kitten has a warm warm nose that needs to be done by the ownerIf you notice pronounced symptoms in the kitten, do not wait for it to get better, and do not self-medicate. In order not to aggravate the condition and not to lose the animal, you urgently need to take the pet to the veterinarian.

How and how to help the pet? Some useful tips for owners

We figured out why the kitten has a dry nose. What should the owner do to help the pet?

First, observe the pet during the day, check the temperature. If he is inactive, he has no appetite, then this is really an excuse to see a doctor.

the kitten has a dry and warm noseIn addition to the humidity of the nose, the animal may have hot ears. This symptom is also a sign of the disease. Therefore, you should check the temperature. Usually it is done rectally. The normal temperature of the cat is on average 38,5, the kittens can be half a degree more. If the temperature is higher, then it's possible that your pet is sick.

If the pet has not only a warm dry nose, but also a high fever

Usually slightly elevated do not knock down, give the body to fight with the infection. But if the temperature is very high, then, of course, the animal needs help. How to help the pet? Recommendations in this case are as follows:

  • animal hair should be periodically moistened;
  • next to the pet should always be a bowl with cool water, so that at any time the kitten could drink;
  • You can also put a packet of ice under the neck of the animal or the hips (on their inner part).

the kitten has a dry nose what to doIf we talk about the means that reduce the temperature, then their kitten is undesirable to give. It is better to call a veterinarian who will inspect the pet, tell you what to do and how.

A small conclusion

Now you know why the kitten has a dry nose. As you can see, there can be many reasons. Not always this symptom can be a sign of illness. But you can not pay no attention either. If your pet has a dry nose, watch him to dismiss all possible doubts, and also to identify the problem in time. Always take care of your pet and its health!

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