Why is pollen useful?

Pollen is a substance that mostpeople just do not pay attention. But it is thanks to him that you can improve your health and prevent the development of serious diseases. Below you can find out what is useful about pollen.

What is the use of bee pollen?

In bee pollen, scientists discovered a hugequantity of B vitamins. Also in it is a rather high content of proteins of riboflavin, amino acid, folic acid, copper, iron, zinc, calcium, unsaturated fatty acids, natural antibiotics, vitamins A, C, H.

Such a composition is only beneficial to the body. Thanks to such components:

  • immunity is stimulated;
  • from the body are released harmful substances;
  • decreased cholesterol;
  • the blood is purified;
  • strengthened vessels;
  • damaged cells are restored;
  • the production of bile is stimulated;
  • the pressure is normalized;
  • strengthen bones and teeth;
  • memory improves;
  • stimulated brain activity.

In addition, it can be noted a high antibacterial and wound-healing effect in diseases of the digestive system.

It is recommended to use pollen and children. It strengthens the growing body, treats rickets, mental retardation. With regular admission, the general well-being of the child improves.

Elderly people can use pollen to slow the aging process, strengthen blood vessels, memory, normalize metabolism and regulate hormonal changes.

The use of bee pollen is also seen in cosmetology: it can be added to creams, masks, scrubs. This ingredient will help to maintain the youthfulness and elasticity of the skin, return it a healthy color. If a person is on a diet, then the pollen simply needs to be consumed daily. It will not only saturate the body with useful substances, but will also help reduce the amount of fat deposits.

The daily dose of pollen is 2.5 g. You can consume it by adding it to honey or simply by washing it with water. The daily dose should be divided into 3 doses.

More on the use of natural gifts can be found in our section - Folk remedies.

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