Why does the stomach itch?

In humans, the stomach can itch for many reasons. For example: because of cosmetics, any clothes, and even after visiting a tanning salon. But the very phenomenon of itching, may indicate any problems in the body or on the skin. In this article, we consider some of the signs and causes of abdomen itching.


Why does the stomach itch during pregnancy? In all pregnant women, in the first or third trimester, the stomach begins to itch. But there is no reason for concern, since as the fetus grows, the tummy gradually stretches, stretch marks appear, so it itches.

All women during pregnancy are very sensitive, so wearing synthetic or woolen clothes, as well as the use of cosmetics, can also cause itching in the abdomen. But you should not relax, because it can happen in some diseases:

  • In cholecystitis, hepatitis and other disorders of the liver, in addition to the abdomen, it is possible to itch your arms, legs, chest, back. This happens usually closer to the night.
  • With cholestasis - a condition that causes danger to mommy and fetus. This group includes women with hepatitis A, kidney disease, chronic cholecystitis, as well as those with multiple pregnancies. Here you can bring and women who are over thirty. With cholestasis, the abdomen, feet and hands are scratched.
  • Allergic reaction - most pregnant women are prone to allergies. In such cases, the stomach itches after combining with an allergen: a woman consumes dairy products, citrus and seafood.

Now, future mothers know why pregnant women have an itchy stomach.

The good news is that during pregnancy, women constantly have to be tested and systematically go to an appointment at the antenatal clinic. If the test results are OK, then there is no cause for concern.

The stomach itches in the presence of rash

If a rash appears on it in the stomach, this indicates the presence of some kind of disease. Ranging from allergic reactions, vascular and blood disease, to infectious. The most banal reason may be the usual lack of personal hygiene. In any case, it is necessary to consult a doctor to establish an accurate diagnosis.because often the disease has accompanying symptoms.

Next, consider the causes of a rash on the abdomen:

  • The first is an allergy, in which a rash appears after an allergen enters the body. It resembles a nettle burn and it itches a lot. But you do not need to comb it, because it leads to a deterioration of the condition, which can be alleviated with the help of antiallergic preparations.
  • The second is prickly heat, more often in young children than in adults. It manifests itself mainly in the abdomen.
  • The third is measles, a disease that affects not only children, but also adults. You can become infected by airborne droplets. A rash begins to appear on the nose, behind the ears, and then on the whole body. It proceeds with fever and lesions of the respiratory tract. Such rashes scaly and darken.
  • The fourth - chicken pox, begins to manifest itself first on the face, head, and then on the stomach. This disease also occurs with a high body temperature.
  • The fifth is scabies, in which case the rash appears on the arms and legs, between the fingers. Then the rash continues throughout the body, which is very itchy.

Having studied all these reasons, you can easily answer the question of why the lower abdomen itches

Itching on the belly

The appearance of red spots in the abdomen, talks about some of the problems of the human body. Just do not self-medicate, and to identify the cause is necessary for a full examination. Next, we consider the following causes of red spots on the stomach:

  • Deprive is a kind of virus that is accompanied by severe itching and peeling of spots.
  • Rubella - manifested in the form of round spots with a pale pink color.
  • Erythema is an infectious disease, manifested in flat red papules, which then increase and merge with each other.
  • Urticaria is the appearance of itchy red blisters on the body. It can be provoked by insect bites, food, drugs, infections, abnormal liver, kidney and so on.

In any case, consultation is necessary specialist. But now you still know in what cases and why the stomach itches.

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