Why do girls give up guys?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 21, 2013
Why do girls give up guys?

The situation when a girl is abandoned by a guy is very common. Most often this is observed when the guy goes into the army, goes on a long trip and in many other cases. But so that this does not happen again, you need to sit down and honestly analyze what, in your opinion, you can not arrange girls.

It beats on self-esteem, unpleasant, but still you need to conduct an honest self-test. This may help consider the most common reasons why girls go to others.

Do you match the ideal?

If a girl threw a guy, then this may indicate that he simply does not match her views. Usually, women and girls have a clear idea of ​​what kind of man or boy they want to see next to them. For some, he should earn well, for others - to have talents, be a romantic in life, have a certain hair color, appearance, name, be a real macho, be able to build a serious relationship, be a good lover, etc.

Lack of attention

When relationships last long enough, they can be taken for granted. And this is wrong. A girl should constantly feel that she needs someone and everything is just as interesting. She needs to constantly give flowers, gifts. It is necessary to go often somewhere together, call each other at the earliest opportunity, if you cannot meet.

Lack of open communication

Why girls throw guys, can be explained by the fact that they do not reveal the secrets of their hearts to partners. Yes, they seem to meet, spend a lot of time together, talk with each other, even more often than necessary, have interesting topics for communication, but are not close to each other in a spiritual sense. And this is very important.

Joint life is monotonous

It seems to be a joint life, but only it is predictable and boring. And sometimes you want some kind of drive, different adventures, so that your own dreams come true. But in order for life to be such, joint efforts are needed.

It should be noted that the above reasons are fundamental. In order to understand with 100% certainty why the girl went to another guy, it is necessary to talk honestly and frankly with her about this, but only without scandals and recriminations, mutual insults and accusations.

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