Why is the girl not responding?

Beautiful girls often try to “dynamite” ordinary guys, cultivating their lack of self-confidence and doubt in their attractiveness. It is hard to believe, but often, these women's things are only a certain kind of coquetry, the one that helps girls win and attract all new suicide in the ranks of their fans. More often, this coquetry takes on a simple form - mysterious silence. Why the girl does not respond when the answer is obvious?

Silence is different

It happens that the girl liked, you exchanged phone numbers with her. And the calls from your side do not stop, and the girl ignores them. What's the matter, you are not interested in her? There may be several options.

  • The girl does not answer calls, because she does not know that it is you who are calling her. Perhaps she has an affectionate gentleman who simply tortured her with his calls.
  • She may not respond by absentmindedness. For example, the phone stayed with a friend or was lost in the depths of the cabinet. She has long been using another device, not even remembering where the old one was. However, this option is possible only for the most sloppy and unreliable people.
  • The girl does not respond to SMS and calls, because she is trying to stir up interest in her person. This case is most likely because many girls master the art of manipulation in early childhood.
  • And, finally, it is likely that the girl does not want to talk to you and postpones the unpleasant conversation to her. That is, she would talk to you, but to explain why she does not want to see you, it is unpleasant for her.

What to do if a girl does not answer calls

If a girl is scattered and does not remember who gave her number, or can not find the phone in the closet - let's just say, you should not try to build a relationship with her. She either has not grown to a serious, adult relationship, or is careless not only with things person, but also with close people.

But if she only flirts or can not decide how to deal with a new friend - you can do it differently. After she gets used to the constant calls, stop calling her. Moreover, it is desirable to do it abruptly, suddenly. First, she will be sure that you will call, will wait for the call. Then, even in the coldest heart, doubt and interest will arise. Now it is important to catch the right moment.Call her in two or even three weeks. And she is more than likely to answer.

When a girl does not respond to messages, it is better not to worry in advance, but to call. Not all people are loyal to the correspondence, some do not like typing and even read all these mini-letters.

Hard to forget the former

Sometimes parting, we continue to be interested in the life of the former, we feel a certain need to protect and not even give to anyone. It goes with time, unless your ex-girlfriend is a real second half. Sometimes it is possible to maintain good, even trusted relationships, but it often happens that the ex-girlfriend does not answer calls. What could it be? Why doesn't she consciously pick up the phone?

There is no excuse that she does not know who is calling her. Usually such a policy can be in two cases.

  • She is not sure she does not want to be with you. She needs time to look into her soul, to understand what exactly she would like. For this, the girl seeks not to communicate with the ex-boyfriend, not to see him for a while. Exactly the same can say a situation where a girl does not answer questions about personal relationships with other guys.
  • And the second case clearly indicates that she decided to burn all the flimsy bridges that connect you. There really is not worth trying to establish communication, most likely it will not succeed. Think about why you are calling her? Surely your call is just a reason, and maybe you need to follow her example?

It is sometimes difficult to understand the mysterious girls. It is not for nothing that men are considered to be enormously different from women. Therefore, we must strive to learn better female psychology and use our knowledge for the benefit and pleasure.

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