Why feces white?

March 7, 2015
Why feces white?

Discoloration of feces is often a sign of a serious disease of the digestive system. Let's talk about why the feces are white. P

Consider in detail the reasons for understanding the reason for the change in color of feces and its danger in each case.

The reasons why cal can change its color

Noticing the change in color of feces, you must remember your diet over the past few days. Consumption of significant amounts of fat contained in sour cream, butter or fat can cause clarification of feces. If you notice that white feces appear frequently, you should reduce the amount of fatty foods consumed and consult a doctor who will make a diagnosis of the pancreas.

The use of certain drugs also affect the functioning of the liver and changes the color of feces. These substances include:

  • antibiotics or agents that fight the fungus: Tetracycline and Augmentin;
  • medications for gout, in particular, allopurinol;
  • anti-inflammatory drugs, of which ibuprofen is particularly effective;
  • drugs that fight tuberculosis;
  • remedies for epileptic seizures, made on the basis of valproic acid;
  • Aspirin and other medicines, including acetylsalicylic acid, can cause indigestion in a child. Then white feces will result from such a violation;
  • Acetaminophenes and Paracetamol with severe overdose;
  • Methotrexate, which affects the digestive system of diabetics;
  • some oral contraceptives.

If you notice that a white stool appeared immediately after starting a certain medication, you should immediately consult a doctor. Now you know why feces can discolor, and will be able to independently determine the cause of changes in the body.

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