Why eosinophils are lowered

The human body is one of the most perfect in nature. Unfortunately, even in the most flawless mechanisms, failures sometimes occur due to different factors. Malfunctions in the body may be initially invisible, especially to a person far from medicine.eosinophils loweredModern science is actively using deep diagnostics to detect such latent disturbances in the work of the human body systems. It is carried out by taking for the analysis of various liquids. Often, human blood is examined for this purpose.

What is in the blood

The composition of the blood includes many different elements, each of which has its own formula and rate of content: erythrocytes, phagocytes, lymphocytes, leukocytes, basophils, eosinophils. In particular, eosinophils should be from one to five percent of the total number of leukocytes, because they are a certain modification of these blood cells. The fact that eosinophils are lowered is a very alarming symptom. They are formed in the bone marrow and, actively interacting with other components of the blood, are responsible for the destruction of foreign viral microorganisms and allergy pathogens.eosinophils are lowered in bloodPreventing parasitic invasions, eosinophils actively protect the body from worms. Although their number in the blood is not always normal. The content of eosinophils in human blood increases with pronounced allergic patterns. An increase in these particles in human blood is called eosinophilia, which is not a beneficial factor. It happens that eosinophils in the blood are lowered. This anomaly is called eosinopenia. Why do they decrease?

Causes of failure

All sorts of infectious diseases (especially dysentery, peritonitis, typhoid fever, pneumonia, sepsis, diphtheria) - the main thing that contributes to eosinopenia. Often, eosinophils are lowered in case of multiple burns. In stressful situations, in the postoperative period, with a general decrease in the body's resistance to all sorts of factors of the external and internal environment, there is also a reduction in the number of these blood particles needed by the body. It is often possible to observe that eosinophils are lowered during pregnancy, while other indicators vary within the normal range.eosinophils lowered during pregnancySuch a deviation is due to the restructuring in the body of the future mother.Heavy labor extremely negatively affect the number of eosinophils. Another factor reducing their number in the blood, is the general fatigue of the body. If you take drugs like Prednisone or Cortisone for a long time that irritate the adrenal cortex, it is likely that eosinophils will soon be lowered. To increase their number, it is necessary to negate the intake of corticosteroids, replacing them with other drugs. It is recommended to take gamma globulin, which will help to increase the amount of their content in the blood, thereby improving overall health, which is very important for the full functioning of the entire human body. To maintain health, you must constantly monitor the content of vitamins and minerals.

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