What dreams member?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 7, 2012

Many women and girls will probably be interested in what the male member dreams about. Satisfy their curiosity. First you need to say that if you dreamed a penis, then it is not at all necessary to talk about the sexual side of life, although often it is about her.

If a woman dreams of just a member, then this is a reason to think about personal life - it means that a woman is not satisfied with something in her, and not necessarily in an intimate sense. Perhaps she is simply not satisfied with her man, or if she is single, she wants to make acquaintance. Although, of course, the often dreamed phallus also speaks of a woman’s sexual dissatisfaction — either she just needs sex, or a husband, or a nearby man satisfies her only to a very small extent.

There is also an opinion that a member can also dream of some rather hard work, which, however, will bring considerable profit (here we need to recall the ancient Greek phallus, as a symbol of fertility). Also, the dreamed penis often means that in the life of a single woman there may soon appear a man who will completely arrange her sexually and not only.This may mean a deeper connection, even to a wedding and a happy marriage, if this is confirmed by other details of sleep.

However, the most frequent member dreams all the same to those women who for one reason or another suffer from sexual dissatisfaction, and if everything is all right with sex in life (which is extremely rare with such dreams), then you can see other meanings of this dream about which we wrote above. Hopefully, we answered the question of what is a member of women dreaming about.

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