Why does a man ignore?

Lilya Mayak
Lilya Mayak
March 7, 2015
Why does a man ignore?

Your loved one does not call you, does not answer your calls and messages, and behaves as if you barely know each other? Obviously, he ignores you in every way, but how to explain this behavior? Do not rush to blame yourself in such a situation (although if you are seriously guilty, of course, you should deal with your own position). First of all, it is necessary to identify the reason why a man ignores a woman. This will be discussed in our article.

The main reasons for ignoring

The first reason for such behavior on the part of men is, of course, the lack of feelings. There are two options here. If you have never had a relationship with this person, and he ignores you, then you probably will not have them. A deliberately indifferent man, as a rule, gives you to understand that you have nothing to hope for. Perhaps he does not want to hurt you and speak to you about it in his eyes, therefore, he believes that such an attitude towards you will say everything without words.

The second option is less noble.This is a situation where you and a man were associated with certain feelings, but he began to ignore you at a particular stage of the relationship. The real reason is again the unwillingness to speak directly about the departed feelings. And the representative of the stronger sex in this case shows an obvious weakness, not daring to inform you about the true state of affairs. He just stops making contact.

Another reason for such behavior men can be your own mistakes. For example, you strongly offended or hurt his feelings. Consider an important factor: it is much more difficult for the male sex to express their emotions and express everything that they feel. And some of his representatives do not see the point in clarifying the relationship and consider them superfluous. They prefer to disappear and not notice you, rather than saying how much you hurt them. It may be worth trying to somehow reach out to a man, explain everything and sincerely ask for forgiveness.

And less common, but still occurring reason can be called a conscious rejection of you in the presence of feelings. For example, you are married, you will soon move to another country, you are going to connect your life with another person, he is a more worthy candidate for you, etc.Of course, this is more often we see in sentimental melodramas, where the main character, not wanting to become a barrier to the life path of a woman, ignores her.

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