Why does a man blush?

This problem, alas, is faced not only by teenagers, but also by adults. Many people do not pay attention to their sudden blush. But there are people for whom such redness becomes a real torment. They are trying to control their emotions, they are afraid of the redness of their faces. In these cases, they talk about erythrophobia - the fear of redness, a condition that requires the help of a psychologist, and sometimes treatment.

Let's try to figure out why a person turns red. The redness of human skin is associated with a sharp expansion of the subcutaneous blood vessels. This expansion can be caused by overheating (exposure to the sun, in a sauna, etc.) or the activity of the nervous system. With loads, when increased blood supply is required, the nervous system transmits an “order” from the brain to the vessels to expand and allow more blood to pass through it. But scientists today cannot explain why, for some people, the nervous system, for no apparent reason, "orders" to suddenly expand the blood vessels of the face.

Why a man blushes: reasons

There may be several reasons for sudden reddening.Most often, sudden redness occurs in the following situations when people:

  • Lie (or keep back the whole truth).
  • Not ready for the situation. She, the situation for them is unexpected.
  • They hide their feelings (like love and sympathy, as well as rejection and hatred).
  • Can not control their feelings and emotions. Some people know that there is no reason for the emotion that has arisen, but they still cannot suppress internal changes. As a result - the face and the skin becomes purple. What psychological characteristics of a person affect the redness of the skin? The following reasons (and they are all interrelated) can cause sudden redness:
  1. Natural shyness. Shyness can be expressed in awkward silence in conversation, in uncertain actions, modest (overly) behavior. If you are embarrassed in any situations, feel uncomfortable, because, for example, you have been given too much attention, then you should not be upset - such as you, a huge amount.
  2. Timidity and indecision. Subconsciously, you understand that it is necessary to act, but you lack courage or confidence in yourself and in your abilities.In this case, your skin tells you to do something.
  3. Fear of ridicule and disapproval. One might think that just the fear of ridicule is the cause of shyness, but sometimes even self-confident people have difficulty in communicating with others when they are afraid of disapproval or ridicule on their part.

Now you know why a man turns red. What can help a person in such awkward situations? Try to use self-suggestion. If we talk about shyness and indecision, it should be noted that this is a long and complicated process. You can “persuade” yourself not to be shy and to be confident in yourself. Moreover, the result will exceed all expectations!

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