Why does the baby cry during feeding?

A newborn baby absolutely depends on its parents. He cannot dress, wash, eat, walk, talk, etc. In this regard, the only way to address the baby to his parents is crying. It is with the help of him that the baby can notify the mother and father that he does not like something, something hurts, etc. Often, mothers are faced with the fact that their child is crying while nursing. Many of them do not know what this baby’s behavior can be connected with, so it’s worth exploring the main reasons why the baby is worried during feeding.

Abdominal pain and colic

Many newly-made mothers do not understand why a baby cries while feeding, and they think that it’s all about the lack of nutrition or the taste of milk or mixture. In order to know for sure why the crumb is naughty, you should find out if the above is the reason that the baby is crying and how to fix this problem.After all, every mother wants her child to grow up healthy and not experience unpleasant sensations.

The first reason why a baby cries while feeding is abdominal pain. Very often, when children eat, they swallow air with mother's milk, which is why gases are formed in their intestines. The digestive system of the baby is still being formed, so the swallowing of air causes him unpleasant and painful sensations. They do not give the baby a normal meal.

baby cries while feeding

Abdominal pain and gas are one of the most common reasons why a baby cries while nursing. His digestive system is still difficult to process food, and the air in the intestine gives a very unpleasant feeling.


Another common reason why a baby cries while nursing is teething. This phenomenon gives the baby discomfort, which is exacerbated during the meal. As a result, eating for a child is accompanied by pain and itching, which is why the crumb begins to cry.

why baby is crying while feeding

Inflammatory processes

The infant cries during feeding often from inflammatory processes in the mouth.If the baby has thrush, then spoon-feeding will be the best option in order to reduce discomfort. However, it should be remembered that it is not necessary to delay the treatment, because the child will eat less because of pain and discomfort, therefore, it will lose weight. Proper nutrition for the baby is very important, so the mother must hurry with the treatment of her baby.

Lack or excess milk

There are two more reasons why a baby cries while feeding. One of them is related to the fact that the mother has a very tight chest, as a result of which the baby has to strain very much, and this gives him unpleasant sensations and annoying. Also, the baby can cry if he has an increased appetite. The crumb is annoyed that he cannot get enough food.

baby crying while feeding from the bottle

Excess milk also brings discomfort and discomfort to the baby, because when it flows out too quickly, the baby simply does not have time to swallow it and begins to choke.

Sounds annoying baby

Surprisingly, loud and harsh sounds can also be the reason why a baby cries while feeding.If the pussy has heard some kind of annoying noise, he can start crying and stop eating. However, this does not mean that the child should be fed in a room isolated from external stimuli. If the baby has burst into tears, you just need to wait a little, calm him down, sing a song, shake and continue feeding.

Changing the taste of milk

If the baby cries while breastfeeding, it is worth remembering about the change in the taste of milk. This is due to the fact that the mother eats raw onions, garlic, spicy, etc. You should refrain from these products, and perhaps then your baby will stop crying while eating.

the baby bends and cries while feeding

Changing the taste of milk often occurs during menstruation, but this does not mean that the mother should refuse to breastfeed her baby. One has only to wait a few days and again offer the baby breast milk.

Breast swelling

The baby may cry while nursing due to the fact that the mother’s breast swells. Very often this happens in the first weeks after the birth of the baby. To eliminate this problem, a woman needs to express some milk, after which it will be easier for the crumbs to take the breast.But do not forget that you should not decant a lot of milk, because because of this, the body can begin to produce it in excess. In this regard, the breasts will swell even more, which will increase the discomfort of the baby while eating.

an infant cries while feeding

In order to further this problem does not arise, a woman should impose on her chest cool compresses that will relieve swelling, as well as unpleasant and painful sensations.

Crying baby due to flat or depressed nipples

Often the baby cries while breastfeeding due to the fact that his mother has flattened or flat nipples. Do not despair, because this problem can be solved. There are special lining for feeding. It is also possible for a couple of minutes before feeding to turn on the breast pump, which will help to stretch the nipples and relieve the child from discomfort.

Why does a baby cry during bottle feeding?

Mothers who have switched to bottle-feeding often wonder why the baby cries while feeding. This may be due to the fact that the temperature of the liquid does not like the baby. It is necessary to try to warm the mixture a little less than usual.Perhaps after this the baby will stop crying and screaming while feeding.

baby cries while feeding

Another reason a baby can cry while feeding from a bottle can be the wrong position. Try to change the position, because very often it is because of this that a lot of air enters the baby’s stomach, because of which he feels discomfort. The best option in such a situation is to keep the baby on one side of you and tightly attach it to your chest. It is also permissible to keep the baby horizontally, which can eliminate discomfort and prevent crying. In these positions, the mother controls the head of the child.

How to calm the baby?

If the baby bends and cries during feeding, it is necessary to find a solution to this problem so that he will stop experiencing discomfort and be capricious. Parents should determine the cause that causes the child to cry, and do everything possible to eliminate unpleasant sensations when eating.

First of all, adults should remember that it is important to remain calm. If the mother becomes irritated and nervous, the child becomes even more anxious. Therefore, happy parents should pull themselves together and find out why their child is crying.

baby cries while breastfeeding

It is very important for the baby to feel that his closest and closest people are near.Of course, these are parents. Mother and father should caress their crumbs, pat on the back, shake, etc.

Very often, the only thing that can soothe a baby while breastfeeding is singing and rocking. Mother should take him in her arms, slowly swing and hum songs. Then the child will calm down, stop crying, after which the woman can try again to offer him breast milk or a bottle of the mixture.

Prevention and elimination of discomfort and discomfort during feeding

All other factors that made the baby cry can be easily eliminated. If he has thrush, you should contact a specialist and solve this problem as soon as possible. If the mother has a tight chest, then the baby can be fed with bottle mixtures. It is worth remembering that if a child has colic, then measures must be taken to prevent their education. The diet of a woman should be revised if the reason for crying during breastfeeding was a change in the taste of milk.

It is necessary to say that you can eliminate any cause that caused discomfort and discomfort in the baby. So do not worry.A mother must take all necessary measures to ensure that her crumb can eat properly and properly, without experiencing pain, itching, colic, etc., when eating food. situations. It is only necessary to know the reasons that cause crying in a child, and then eliminate them as soon as possible.

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