Why are women needed?

The beautiful half of humanity, she admired not one valiant man and not one knight pushed for feats ... But why do we need women, why are men so difficult without them?


If you look at the Bible, it is written in the Old Testament that a woman was created as a helper and this is true. Think about what a woman usually does at home? Of course, she is the mistress of the house, and this is cooking food, cleaning, washing, maybe something else. And if you suddenly take all the wives from their husbands, then it will be really hard for them to dump the entire burden of homework on themselves. That is why the bachelor’s house is associated with disorder and ready meals in the fridge.


Of course, a woman should be a friend and not to everyone, but to her man. The fact is that no matter how severe and serious a man is, he also needs ears. Sometimes wives do not understand what their husbands are talking about, but still they are listened to and this gives them the opportunity to “discharge” after a hard day’s work. And if a couple lost understanding, then, most likely, the friendly relationship disappears - that which holds the family together.


Also, do not discard the carnal needs of people. We all want to love and be loved. And lovemaking has not prevented anyone in creating strong relationships. It often happens that a man wants to have one "his" woman, which he can love and care for, unless of course this man is a man in love. If the second option, then he, too, can not do without the female. Although it is not noble to be with a woman just for the sake of such a relationship, but this also happens in our unjust world.

Mother of child

If a man is close to family life, then he, sooner or later, wants to have children. By nature, he cannot give birth to them himself, and it’s difficult to raise a child to a man, then the institution of marriage comes to the rescue. After the conclusion of which families usually have children. And men can safely become fathers. There are, of course, options for illegitimate children and “free” relations of couples, but this is a completely different topic for conversation.

Caring "mommy"

Some men, by virtue of their education and to some extent of character, cannot be independent. We do not mean that they cannot earn money or solve any problems. No, on the contrary, with this they can be all right.We say only that the man wants (perhaps subconsciously) to be sent, taken care of, reminded, prompted. Since childhood, such men themselves have not solved all the problems, because their mothers have solved them for them. This is another reason that answers the question: "Why do women need men?"


Just some men, a woman is needed, like the one he will take care of. It happens that this concern for some couples reaches distorted forms. But in fact there are such representatives of the stronger sex that will make their woman happy, no matter what. And this is not because he is such a noble person, but the fact is that by doing this, a man feels his usefulness.

So why does a man need a woman? The answer is simple. A woman makes a man full. For someone she is a friend, for someone a mother, for someone a lover, but for someone a treasure. But the most important thing in the relations of the two sexes is understanding and complementarity.

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