Why do women change

Many believe that a woman is created for a familylife and is a monogamous being whose main task is to take care of the family hearth and the beloved man. No matter how they say, a woman is still capable of treason. Let's try to understand its causes and other "pitfalls". Why do women change?

Very often a female can "goleft "for the sake of a successful career. Many go to treason for the sake of increasing or maintaining a position. Agree, a man will be very upset if he sees his beloved in the company of her boss one day, and even more when he finds out that such "business" meetings are regular.

The second reason, which explains whywomen change - gifts and flowers. Each girl in the depths of her soul dreams of a carefree and beautiful life. When she waits for a nice house, she hopes that he will come with a huge bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne. In the end, he comes with a great desire to eat and sleep ... That's why a girl can give preference to the man who takes care of her better. Remember that a woman can sleep with a man, not only because he is handsome, but also because he is rich and knows how to care.

Very often, girls are changed from revenge. Such vindictive personalities go to great lengths to ensure that the person to whom they take revenge suffered and realized that he was wrong in this or that situation.

The most frequent answer to the question "Why womenchange? "is sexual dissatisfaction. Not every man knows how much sex his second half wants. Rarely will a girl meet who speaks directly about this. If there are no conversations, the guy may have cause for concern, because the disinterest of a man in female fantasies can also be the reason for the search for love on the side. Many smart girls live on the principle of "a good husband - not a hindrance to a first-class lover."

Why do girls change from anger? It happens that a woman is in the bed of the "other" man simply because she is tired of everything. She got the constant niggling of a constant partner, his character, demands and reproaches. In such cases the girl can simply seek an understanding on the side, look for the person who will support it. The main mistake of men - thoughts like "to whom it may be interesting, if there is I" or "why should it be someone if she has me." Very often such shortsighted guys are out of work ... And all because of the principles and excessive self-confidence!

The next reason that explains whywomen change, is not so much a cause as an excuse: "accidentally"! Is it possible that a woman can not do this simply because she drank too much and some very nice young man offered to hold her ... In that case, and one can not but agree with this, the poor fellow deserves forgiveness, because it depended on her little: the decision took alcohol.

Based on all of the above, we can conclude that nothing in this world does not happen just like that, and if it so happens that your woman has changed you, think: what if it's not in her?

What should I do to keep your beloved faithful? Advice to men:

  1. Support her in everything. Help me find a job, start my own business, put it on my feet.
  2. Give gifts, flowers, different small, but nice trinkets.
  3. Try to be faithful to her, do not change. If suddenly it happened, do everything so that she does not know about it.
  4. Satisfy the woman in bed.
  5. Do not get her out on trifles. Do not set conditions.
  6. Pay attention to the girl. Be close.
  7. Look after her as you did in the first days after your acquaintance.

If a man adheres to these simple rules, his woman will be faithful to him, and the question "Why do women change?" Will never arise.

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