Why do warts appear on the hands, on the fingers, on the legs, on the body?

Quite a few people can complain about the sudden appearance of warts. But it is important to understand that such formations on the skin of the hands and feet are not accidental, they are a consequence of the influence of certain factors. Therefore, in order to protect yourself from such a nuisance, you need to understand why warts appear.

What are warts

Under the warts is to understand the disease of the skin, having the form of small tumor formations. The nature of such neoplasms is benign, and they can appear on virtually any part of the body.

why do warts appear

In most cases, this disease makes itself felt in those who carry the papillomavirus. Warts can be of several types and in some cases can cause significant discomfort, including pain.

Features of papillomavirus

Trying to figure out why the warts appear on the body, this virus should be paid attention to first.It is one of the most common on the planet, and it can be divided into more than 100 species. Some species are absolutely not dangerous, others tend to form cancerous tumors.

why do warts appear on arms

At least half of the existing species of this virus contribute to the formation of warts. In the framework of the topic “Why warts appear,” it is important to note the fact that some formations only have the appearance of warts, but are not. In fact, it can be a symptom of the active development of the virus in the body, the manifestations of which can disappear as quickly as they appeared.

How can you get a virus

Perhaps many of those who are trying to figure out why warts appear, do not even suspect that such tumors may be the result of infection. Nevertheless, it is. The virus is capable of being transmitted from person to person through touch. Common household items (towels, slippers, razors) can also act as carriers of the virus that persists on their surface. A visit to the pool and then can lead to the subsequent appearance of warts.

 why do leg warts appear

In some cases, the papillomavirus can be transmitted from mother to child even during pregnancy.But the warts in an infected newborn can appear much later, perhaps even after several years.

Virus development conditions

In order to give a complete answer to the question “why do warts appear,” it is necessary to study conditions that can be defined as favorable for the progression of the virus in the body. There are several key reasons that contribute to the fact that the papillomavirus can manifest itself in the human body:

- Microtrauma. These may include minor cuts, abrasions, and scratches. Therefore, those whose activity is associated with periodic trauma can often state the fact of the formation of new warts.

- Work with harmful and toxic substances. In this case, in addition to the active appearance of warts, there is a risk of their changes in malignant tumors. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to whether their size changes.

- Stress. This is another reason why warts appear on the arms, legs and other parts of the body. Due to constant stress, there is a significant decrease in immunity, as a result of which the virus appears more actively than usual.

- Weak immunity.The body's defenses can weaken for many reasons. Naturally, the virus in such moments, without meeting active resistance, can provoke the appearance of warts. In order to prevent such a condition, it is necessary to focus on an active and healthy lifestyle, as well as to take care of a balanced diet.

why do warts appear on fingers

- Increased sweating is another answer to the question of why warts appear on the fingers and not only. In order to correct the situation, it is necessary to remove the reasons for which active sweating occurs. We are talking about synthetic clothing, tight shoes, high temperature of the air in the room and other factors.

Why is it important to pay attention to the bathroom

One of the reasons why warts appear on the fingers is the infection of the virus in the bathroom. The fact is that this particular place is the most favorable for the transmission of the virus within the same family. This can be explained by the fact that the papillomavirus multiplies actively in the humid environment, which in this case represents the bathroom walls for it. Therefore, the risk of catching warts is real even during a simple shower.After all, the body at this moment is not protected from contact with the virus.

After a person is infected, it will take 2 to 3 months before any manifestations become visible. And do not rely on the protective properties of soap, in this situation, it is not always effective.

why do body warts appear

So that you do not have to torment yourself with the question of why warts on your legs or arms appear, you need to clean the bath with special chemicals. Also, using effective means, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the sink, sides and walls of the bath. For best results, it is worth leaving the cleaner for 15-20 minutes so that it can destroy the remnants of the virus.

Why do warts appear in children?

Quite often, you can observe warts in children. This happens for several reasons: the lack of nutrients in the body, the unfavorable ecological situation in the region, etc. Subsequently, the formation of new growth becomes extremely difficult because they take deep roots. Understanding why warts appear in children, it is important to note that even if a small, inconspicuous part of the wart remains in the body, it will grow again.To prevent this and to protect the child from the virus, parents should take care of strengthening the immune system of the beloved child.

How to cure warts

In order not to suffer in independent attempts to remove the tumor on the arm or leg, it is better to immediately consult a doctor. This will get a good result and save time. And if the wart begins to change shape and bleed, then a visit to the hospital is a must.

There are several techniques by which this problem can be overcome:

why do warts appear in children

- Electrocoagulation method. Even when it becomes clear why warts appear on the fingers and toes, the question remains of their effective removal. This can be done with high frequency current. This technique isolates the virus from healthy tissue, blocking access to them. Moreover, this procedure disinfects the skin. But if you have to deal with deep formations, then it is better to use another method, since the scars can remain.

- Laser. This method is currently the most progressive and least traumatic. Removal of the wart lasts only a few minutes, while the procedure remains completely sterile.Moreover, no noticeable scars remain.

why do warts appear on the fingers

- Surgical excision. This method is used extremely rarely, and as a result of the procedure, a suture is applied. It is also possible residual phenomenon - a scar.

- In the absence of more technologically advanced techniques, cryotherapy can be applied. In this case, the warts are cauterized by liquid nitrogen. This procedure does not cause pain. There is also no contact with blood. The downside of this method is the actual lack of ability to control the depth of exposure.


In order not to have to figure out why warts appear on the arms and legs, it is necessary on a stable basis to follow certain preventive principles:

- It is necessary to refuse to wear cheap and uncomfortable shoes. This will allow the skin of the legs to breathe and prevent the formation of conditions conducive to the appearance of plantar warts, which are quite painful.

- It is always necessary to responsibly approach the rules of hygiene. Highly wash the bath and dishes, do not put your toothbrush next to someone else. Since the cause of warts can be the penetration of the virus into the body through microtrauma, you should not go barefoot, and you should only use your own shoes.

- If possible, you should avoid touching the warts themselves and those objects that were touched by a person infected with a virus.

If you always follow these simple recommendations, then problems with warts and you can not have.

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