Why do ribs hurt in late pregnancy?

Many women during pregnancy face with the manifestation of painful sensations, which can easily be explained and under certain conditions considered a norm. With regular check-ups, timely delivery of tests and normal health, little trouble does not cause the supervising physician any fear. Quite often, women suffer from pain in the ribs during pregnancy, but even with the appearance of such symptoms, it is not necessary to panic prematurely because there are adequate explanations for everything.

Why do ribs hurt in late pregnancy?

What does a woman feel?

In the period of bearing the baby, the expectant mother may experience pains of both a periodical and a permanent nature, and they can appear at any time of the day and at different intensities. In most cases, when the ribs hurt during pregnancy - it does not threaten neither mother nor child. Forget about the constant discomfort a woman can only after the birth of the baby. When there is pain of this nature, it seems that the deformation of the ribs begins. In fact, nothing like this happens, but consultation with a specialist does not hurt. If during the examination of the pregnant doctor any suspicions arise regarding the development of diseases causing such symptoms, additional tests and examinations will be prescribed.

Why do the ribs hurt during pregnancy?

With each month the baby develops and gaining weight, and, consequently, the uterus grows, which provides the necessary space for the normal functioning of the fetus. The increase in the uterus in size leads to a shift from its previous places of neighboring organs. Such movements are accompanied by a certain discomfort, as a result of which a woman suffers from ribs during pregnancy in later periods.

The first trimester is much easier than the next two. Let's find out what unpleasant sensations can bring with it the 32nd week of pregnancy? The ribs ache, edema and aching pain in the lower back - all this is typical for such a period. By this time, the baby has grown enough already, has become active, and, most likely, turned the head down (the correct position of the fetus), so it constantly pushes Mom in the ribs. In addition, at this time may not appear too intense pain in the abdomen, Braxton-Hicks contractions - so the woman's body is prepared for childbirth.

At some ladies morbid sensations appear only shortly before sorts (approximately it 37 week of pregnancy). Sore ribs at this time, unfortunately, not always because of the growth of the baby, sometimes it is due to other reasons:

  • suffered injuries in the thorax;
  • tietze syndrome;
  • diseases of the joints;
  • osteoporosis and osteochondrosis;
  • pleurisy, pneumonia or tuberculosis;
  • intervertebral hernia;
  • heartache;
  • oncological formations in costal bones;
  • intercostal neuralgia;
  • fibromyalgia (muscle pain).

How to ease the pain in the ribs?

When a baby in the womb becomes cramped, a woman can often complain about pain in the ribs.In order to facilitate your condition, a future mother will need to follow certain recommendations:

  1. The first thing you need to pay attention to is a posture. When walking or sitting, the back should be straight, the shoulders are pushed back, and the chest, on the contrary, is slightly pushed forward.
  2. Importance is given to clothes. During pregnancy, you will have to give up things that tighten the ribs and chest.
  3. In case of pain intensification, take a deep breath with the arm raised and lower it in exhalation.
  4. Painful sensations can be weakened by taking a knee-elbow position.
  5. A special exercise "Cat" makes it easier to feel pain in the ribs. To do this, the expectant mother should stand in the knee-elbow position and try to bend her back up as far as possible, while the head should be lowered down, and the muscles of the press and buttocks are strained. When performing this exercise, the child assumes a different position.
  6. If the ribs hurt during pregnancy because of frequent and violent shocks of the future child, then Mom needs just to rest. It is better for this to lie on one side, because in this position the pressure on the internal organs decreases. If the ribs hurt on the right side, lie on the left side and vice versa.

How to avoid pain during pregnancy?

In the period of bearing the baby, in no case is it recommended to try to get rid of the painful sensations with the help of medications, active physical exercises and even more so by pressing on the stomach. If someone has advised you exactly such ways of eliminating pain, then it is not necessary to take into consideration the recommendations of this person in the future.

When a woman's ribs ache during pregnancy, she should definitely consult a doctor. A common reason for addressing such a problem is a pinch of the sciatic nerve. In such situations, the pain is really unbearable and can not be avoided without the help of a specialist.

If discomfort can be tolerated, it's enough to just stroll in a leisurely walk in the fresh air or just relax. It is possible that the pain in the ribs during pregnancy can be neurological and cardiac, which is why self-medication will not bring anything good. If soreness increases during coughing, with a deep inspiration, a change in the position of the body - the consultation of the therapist and the neurologist will be required.

The use of folk remedies

There are also popular methods of alleviating the ailment, but they are used only as an additional method. For example, in a sore spot you can rub the juice of a black radish. The bath with the addition of decoction of the oak bark facilitates the pain of the pain. For this, the crust is ground and poured with water (based on 1 kg of raw material - 5 liters of liquid) and boiled for half an hour. Ready to boil the decoction and add to the bath.

It relieves pain and sage well. It, like the bark of oak is added to the bath. To prepare the broth you need 4 tablespoons of ground grass and 1 glass of liquid. The raw material is poured in water and infused for about 60 minutes. In the tank, in addition to the decoction, you also need to add 4 tablespoons of salt. It is better to conduct the procedure before bed, and the duration should not be more than 5-10 minutes.

Do not use sage inside during pregnancy.

How dangerous is the pain in the ribs?

If the ribs hurt during pregnancy and this is a sign of any disease, the task of the doctors is to take all measures to eliminate the negative symptoms. When neurological, traumatological or muscular pathologies that cause painful sensations are identified, the treatment will be aimed at eliminating exacerbation and further maintaining remission.

In case of detection of ailments of cardiological, respiratory and renal nature, a pregnant woman must necessarily be hospitalized. In such situations, there is a threat to the life of the mother and child, so the therapy is strictly under the supervision of specialists.

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