Plastic windows appear in houses and apartments more and more. New houses are built, already using this technology. It happens that plastic windows mist over. Let's see why this happens. So:

Why do plastic windows sweat?

When moisture appears on the plastic bag, you need to talk about condensate. What is this phenomenon? Condensate can most often be observed in the morning. From 8 to 10 hours. As a rule, the double-glazed window fogs up only in cold seasons. Usually the window mists up in only one room, while in others everything is in order. You can often watch the water on the windowsill.

Here are the main reasons for window fogging:

  • Single-chamber windows have a habit of misting up. Ordinary double-glazed windows, which do not use energy-saving technology, often fog up. In this case, you can not save on double-glazed windows, you need to purchase high-quality dual-chamber solutions.
  • Under the sill there is a battery blocked by it. It is necessary that the window is necessarily blown warm air.The sill, which overlaps the battery, does not allow air to circulate properly. Accordingly, the window does not receive the necessary heat. You can take several solutions. Try to reduce the window sill. Another option is to remove the battery from under the window sill. And the third is to come up with another way to heat the window. That's why plastic windows sweat.
  • Poor ventilation in the room does not allow air circulation. It's all about the humid air that remains in the room. The task of ventilation is to suck in moist air and remove it from the room. If the ventilation grilles are clogged with dust or the fans have stopped working, then moist air creates condensation on the glass unit. To overcome this problem, it is necessary to clean the ventilation grilles or to clean the ventilation ducts themselves.
  • There are flowers on the windowsill. As you know, flowers abundantly supply oxygen to moisture. This moisture settles on the glass and creates unnecessary condensate. Well, in this case, only one solution. We'll have to remove the flowers from the windowsill.
  • The windows are on summer operation. As is known, windows operating in the summer mode have less thermal insulation than windows in the winter mode. Because of this, the inner side of the glass is cooled more.As a result, a temperature difference arises that leads to unnecessary condensate. It is necessary to transfer a double-glazed window to the mode of winter work in order to avoid further fogging.
  • The room where the glass unit is installed is ventilated for less than 10 minutes a day. That's why plastic windows sweat. Any room needs airing. It is necessary to air the room every day regardless of the type of windows that are installed in it. It is advised to ventilate the room for 10-15 minutes a day using the micro-aeration function.
  • Errors made during installation of the window, affect the operation of the glass. The problem is that when installing the windows were not met all the conditions. Either the window was installed incorrectly, or the slopes were made incorrectly. As a result of these factors, blowing occurs, which cools one of the sides of the window, which leads to the formation of condensate.

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