Why are people together?

Fear of loneliness is one of the strongest for many people, and therefore a person all his conscious life tends to surround themselves with like-minded friends, relatives, loved ones.

So why be close to someone, start a family, communicate so important to a person? Let's try to figure it out.

Why do people seek to unite?

Development opportunity

Numerous experiments, studies have shown that a person is able to remain human, as well as self-actualize and self-improve only when surrounded by other people. It is human nature to look at oneself through the prism of social relations, it is vital for him to exchange information of a different nature (for example, knowledge and feelings) with others.

Cut off from society, he sooner or later begins to lose basic skills: ability to communicate, knowledge of language, habits peculiar to homo sapiens. And after some time, he turns into an animal, having lost all that is human, which was given to him by nature.

Therefore, already at a subconscious level, a person understands the importance of social, physical, emotional contacts with other people, and therefore supports them in every way.This is a kind of self-preservation instinct of its own personality.


Of course, there are a lot of strong-willed people in the world. They are resolute, with remarkable restraint and faith in themselves, ready again and again to overcome any hardships of life, relying only on their strength. However, are they happy? Or, perhaps, in the depths of their souls, they dream of sharing their sorrows, defeats, and problems with other people, in order to somehow alleviate the burden?

Be that as it may, but most people still need the support of relatives, relatives and friends. Even just good advice, encouraging smile, strong sincere hugs can give a surge of new strength and faith in goodness, miracles. That's why people want to be together.

Love family

Some say that love is only a chain of biochemical processes in the human body, forcing a person to experience a complex set of feelings for another person. Others believe that love is a highly spiritual feeling, born in the depths of the soul. There are skeptics who believe that love does not exist at all.

However, regardless of which party we choose, such a complex, multifaceted feeling of love will not go anywhere.We will still be pulled to the opposite sex. We will dream of a bright, rich, passionate, tender and romantic relationship. And let someone after some time have a desire to change the partner, but very few people will choose the path of loneliness, because to love and be loved is great!

In the event that if you are comfortable, easy and pleasant with your second half, then you may well want to start a family. After all, procreation is one of the key tasks of man on the planet; it is an unconditioned reflex given to us by nature itself. And since it is necessary to take care of the offspring, people unite, because the two of them perform this task much easier. Here you have one more reason for striving to be paired with someone.

Why are we good with another person?

This question is perhaps even more complicated than the previous one, because it is often not possible to determine where mutual affection comes from. And we are talking about both love relationships and friendship.

  • So, some people highly appreciate the correspondence of the intellectual and cultural levels of development with a partner. Such people always have something to talk about, they develop in parallel with a partner, and therefore they are always interesting to each other as individuals.
  • Others emphasize the importance of the coincidence of spiritual values, the emotional component. In these relationships, people have a delicate sense of each other, they often have common dreams and views on life. They understand each other without words.
  • It is important for the third to see in a close person the complete opposite of their own negative qualities. For example, some indecisive people feel comfortable with stronger and more determined partners. This allows them to cultivate and achieve (often through a partner) set goals that they would not have been able to accomplish on their own or in a pair with the same weak personality.
  • The fourth priority is sexual compatibility.
  • Fifth happy with people who give them a huge amount of tenderness, affection and care.

As a result, we can say that people maintain a relationship of a nature when a partner / friend gives them what they need, what they need for a comfortable life and the achievement of the desired.

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