Why do not the Russians smile? Peculiarities of Russian politeness

The most striking feature of the Russiancommunication is considered a natural unsmiling. In the West, this feature often can not be comprehended. Foreigners perceive it for demonstrating bad manners or disrespect for a person. Explain this phenomenon can be a complex climate of Russia, and its complex historical development. Investigating the behavior of people from other countries during communication, scientists identified several features of the "Russian smile".

Appearance of a smile

Russians smile only with their lips, sometimes lightlyshowing the upper teeth. This state of affairs can be perceived by foreigners as not having a merry facial expression. Often it raises the question: why do not the Russians smile? A photo joyful Americans are usually quite different. On them, people show wide-spread lips and both rows of teeth. In China, even specially teach the staff a big smile, for which they during training keep a mouthful of food in their mouths. To Russian people, such a Western option seems to be something false, because such an expression looks unnatural.

why do not the Russians smile

A polite smile

Most Western Europeans use a smileas a signal of politeness, which is obligatory at the greeting of the interlocutor and during the whole conversation. When a person meets someone, he tries to smile more if he wants to show respect. In the eastern culture it is believed that with this simple facial expression even negative information will be perceived easier. So, an Asian resident can tell about the death of his close friend with a smile. It will mean that it is a person's personal grief. And he does not want to upset his interlocutor. For the Russian such behavior is unacceptable. Not knowing the national peculiarities, it is possible to take an extremely negative attitude to someone else's mimicry. A smile of politeness is perceived by Russians as something not very sincere, or even hostile. Such standard facial expressions for customers are called "on duty".

Smile for strangers

During the performance of official dutiesRussians do without smiles. In the field of Russian business, a benevolent facial expression is considered insincere. After all, for people of our mentality, a professional smile looks like an artificial mask. She hides a complete indifference. In Russian communication, a smile is only addressed to people you know. Our cashiers do not smile at customers - they do not know them. However, the seller will certainly reward the familiar buyer with his sympathy.

why do Russians smile a little

When a stranger smiles to us, it causesthe question: "And we are familiar?" In Russian culture, any interest shown is seen as an invitation to start a conversation or get acquainted. If a person does not want a contact, he may simply not respond to the sign of attention. Accidentally meeting with glances, the Russian will look aside, and the American will smile. And this is normal in both cases. When asked why the Russians do not smile, foreigners constantly say: at the sight of a cheerful person, a Russian begins to look for the cause in himself. He thinks that his appearance is laughing.

why Russians do not smile foreigners constantly say

Sincerity of the Russian smile

One of the reasons why the Russians do not smile,Adme.ru calls the absence of a weighty reason, that is, for the demonstration of feelings there must be some emotions. At the same time, our people openly smile, showing a good mood or disposition towards the interlocutor. And an insincere manifestation of joy causes alertness and disapproval. For the Russians, too, excessive gaiety is unacceptable. Such a smile is seen as stupidity or defiant behavior. The Chinese, it is designed to hide hostility and show their politeness even to a person who is not very pleasant in communication.

why the Russians do not smile adme

Is the smile appropriate?

It is important for a Russian person that a smilecorresponded to the situation. For example, it is inappropriate to show joy, if it is known that the interlocutor had some kind of trouble. Also during a tense situation, the Russians understand that now is not up to fun. Our people do not take a smile just to cheer up the interlocutor or cheer themselves up at a difficult time. Russians condemn even a smile, which the individual tries to encourage himself in case of trouble or grief. So, they say: "His wife left him, and he walks, smiles." Thus, they condemn a person. Although he just tries to find the strength to cope with the difficult situation. But this is not always true interpreted by others.


Sociologists note the influence of climatic conditionson the formation of habits and character. So, in warm southern latitudes the population, as a rule, is friendly, cheerful and smiling. And in fact and the truth, when the sun shines in the morning, and in the street smells as greens, and the mood rises. In this case, there is a desire to smile. But in Russia there are not many warm and sunny days. And when the street slush and wind, that do not stop, and the legs have frozen for a long time, then the desire to smile does not arise. But the cold and unpleasant weather for Russia is not uncommon.

why the Russians do not smile at war near

Heavy climatic conditions, long strugglefor survival, psychological features of the nature of our people - that's why the Russians do not smile. The war is near, among other things. And the Russians remember this.

Possible envy of interlocutors

Another reason, in order to avoid smiles,- this reluctance to cause envy of the interlocutor, talking about his achievements. So, Russians often complain of failure and grief. But the joyful events of his life are left only for close people.

Russians are used to sharing all the nuances of theirlife in the team. This, too, was a habit to watch the facial expressions and not to smile. Russian people always work hard and fight for their existence. And so the gloomy and troubled face became something natural. The smile also shows that there was an exception to the rule. And the person has a well-being, a good mood or a high income. And this raises questions, envy or even dislike. But in private life, people can be completely open. They are able to smile at their relatives and friends without any reason. After all, the home environment has a warm and trustful communication and a good mood.

why the Russians do not smile book

Opinion of Russians about smiles abroad

After returning from a vacation abroad, Russian peoplefirst of all pay attention to the gloomy faces of compatriots. They get used to the goodwill of people from another country. And they respond in kind - they smile, even just accidentally encountering someone with a look. Russians quickly get used to such a joyful life. They feel like people, to whom even strangers are treated with respect.

And then they return home. And immediately remember why the Russians smiled a little. After all, we have to return to the working regime, having time to do household chores and communicating with relatives. And travelers forget about a newfound smile and are drawn into the usual rhythm of life with a strained expression. But even this frown is sincere. She is not hiding for a polite smile, as people from other cultures do.

why the Russians do not smile hatch johns

Opinion of a foreigner about Russian smiles

Canadian Luke Jones has lived in Moscow for 12 years. He travels extensively through the cities of Russia and is not going to return to his homeland. Jones says that working in Moscow is much more profitable than in London, because there are low taxes and a small number of competitors. The Canadian is quite pleased with the Russian incomes and his prospects. Jones has been working in the Moscow office of Antal Russia since 2002 and is now a well-known recruitment expert. "Why do not the Russians smile?" Is the book Luke wrote during his time in Russia. It will help foreigners who are just starting their work in Russia and CIS countries. After all, most newcomers do not immediately get used to the Russian conditions of life and work. Jones himself for many years of living in Russia has adopted many national habits, which contributed to the marriage of a Russian woman.

To answer the question, why do not the RussiansLuke Jones gave a metaphor. He compared people to fruits. So, the Americans in his theory were peaches: they are sweet and soft outside, but with a stiff bone inside. And in this heart they will not allow anyone. And he compared the Russians with coconut - a hard shell they have outside. But if you managed to win their trust, then you have a true friend. The lack of smiles from Russians is not something bad, it's a feature of our nation. Most people are very funny, witty and hospitable. After all, a smile and laughter are two different things. And Russian people know how to laugh and do it very often.

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