Why do moles interfere? Fighting them

If moles have settled on the site and behave like true masters, it’s time to start a cold war with these pretty but harmful conquerors.

Moles: fighting them

The very first way that most gardeners use is to buy and install a mole repeller. The instructions say that the device starts working only after a month. But such are our Russian moles, as in a month, and in two, they will quietly dig holes near this device. In defense of the manufacturer, it is worth saying that this device makes terrible sounds, presumably the cry of a mole that fell into the cat's teeth. However, this apparently does not frighten our Russian rodent.

moles fighting them


Another way that moles flee from is to fight them with homemade turntables made of plastic bottles put on a stick. It works, but only for a few weeks. Then the pests simply get used to these sounds and cease to be afraid.


You can be puzzled way to fight with poisons that put pests in minks and wait for the moles to disappear.Fighting them in this way also does not guarantee, because the animal can walk on other holes or simply do not eat the proposed delicacy.


fight against moles in the country

It is practiced by gardeners to fight against moles in the country by means of firecrackers. This explosive is laid in the hole. A strong roar will reach the rodent, in whatever part of his turn he is. Killing an explosion might not kill him, but it would scare him for sure. There is hope that the mole will leave the battlefield. Although no one guarantees that he will not return.

Beat on the smell

Moles are known to smell very thinly. If you are a happy owner of a cesspool, then why not lay in the mink of animals, excuse me, excrement. Such a smell a mole in its housing will not tolerate. However, there is a minus: the smell is short-lived, it is necessary to constantly restore it.


There is a fight against moles at the site and in such a strange way as rock music. Coming to the country, try in the car to include loud music in the style of rock. Moles are very sensitive to sounds. You look, in a week the pests will go to where life is much calmer.

Beans against moles

fight against moles on the site

For some reason, legume plants do not like our pests-moles.Fighting them is quite effective if you plant beans near crops. Rodents will not dig their burrows next to the hated plants.

Harm and benefits of moles

Talk about the dangers of these animals is not necessary, because any summer resident knows that they destroy the landing. Hillocks from their minks can be found anywhere, be it a ridge with potatoes or with your favorite vegetables. Naturally, it will not benefit the harvest. However, in fairness, it is worth mentioning the beneficial qualities of these blind beings. They are happy to destroy wireworms and other insect pests. Perfectly loosen the earth on which seeds are better sprouting. Therefore, for seedlings take the land after visiting moles. Also through their burrows in the spring water flows, air enters the deep layers of the soil, and the roots of plants stretch. Here is a balance in nature.

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