Why do many people have acne on their face? Causes and methods of treatment

Modern medicine is able to explain why many people have acne. Unpleasant inflammation often occurs on the face and back, and even on the buttocks. To get rid of acne, it is not enough to use antiseptics, because such a disease develops against the background of pathologies inside the body. To do this, it is necessary to identify the root cause at the cellular level and eliminate it. Let's find out why some people have acne, while others do not. We will tell you what this is connected with and what causes inflammation of the skin can cause.why do many people have acne

What it is?

A pimple is an inflamed area of ​​skin that often becomes a purulent abscess. And as soon as the people do not call this ailment: both dytik, and abscess, and papule, and diminutively - pimple. Despite the abundance of names, the inflammatory abscess is unpleasant and can cause a lot of problems.

First of all, an abscess is a skin disease that never manifests on its own. Let's find out why young people get acne and pimples.

Body response

A pimple is born in the subcutaneous fat layer, namely in the place where the sebaceous glands pass. When the body fails, the first reaction will be inflammation, because in such a period the amount of fat produced increases. An abscess occurs at the moment when the tube is formed, consisting of adipose tissue. Its size blocks the duct of the sebaceous glands, and the fluid gradually becomes a growth. However, this process is accompanied by inflammation. Since the cork is connected to the subcutaneous layer, it is not recommended to squeeze acne in order to prevent infection.why do many people have acne on their face

Why do many people have acne? The reasons may be different. It all depends on hereditary factors, on the ecological situation, on the state of the immune system, on the hormonal levels and metabolism, on nutrition and on mental health. Consider each reason in more detail.

Hormonal failure: medical recommendations

Metabolic disorders and hormonal failure occurs if there is a pathology in the endocrine system, which includes the ovaries, thyroid and pancreas.Acne occurs when the level of hormones in the blood, namely steroids, changes. Their increase leads to skin sensitivity, inflammation, and allergic reactions. Steroids are not the only hormones that provoke the development of abscesses. Acne can appear if the level of estrogen, androgen, corticosteroid changes. Do not want to deal with unpleasant acne and acne? Then regularly check with the endocrinologist, do not use hormonal contraceptives without the knowledge of a personal gynecologist.

Cosmetical tools

When the question arises: “Why do people have acne and what do they cause?”, One should first turn to hygiene and cosmetics. Let's give an excellent example: a girl loves tonal creams, proofreaders and powder. Every day she applies the means by layer with the same brush. She does not think that sponges, reusable discs and sponges should be heat treated (sterilized) every day. Regularly using the same inventory, the girl transfers pathogens, parasites and bacteria to the skin. At best, this will lead to an allergic reaction and inflammatory processes, and at worst, to the development of acne, which can leave ugly scars on the skin.why many people suffer from acne on their face

The reason why many people suffer from acne on their face is simple. They infect the infection and do not take into account that in the sponges and brushes for makeup a favorable environment is formed for the pathogenic microflora, because during the application of cosmetics the girls do not defat and disinfect the skin.

Stressful situations

If you still do not know why and what causes acne in people, then you should urgently reconsider your lifestyle. Regular fatigue, tight schedules, lack of sleep and malnutrition, domestic problems, painful condition, apathy and depression, lack of subordination of colleagues and superiors in the workplace - this is the minimum list of reasons that can cause unpleasant pimples. In this case, everything is quite simple: in stressful situations, the body secretes two hormones - adrenaline and noradrenaline, which also affect the production of sebaceous glands. Sometimes one emotional outburst is enough for your face, back, legs and hands to literally fall asleep with unpleasant inflammation of the skin. Of course, not every stressful situation will lead to changes in the body, but this does not mean that such a lifestyle should be continued.Now you know why many people have acne. You are only required to limit yourself from frustration, manipulators and negativity. The body will definitely thank you.why do some people have acne and others don't


You will certainly be surprised why many people have acne on their face. It is not only a hormonal background or in stressful situations, but also in parasites. Roundworm, worms and other worms can cause inflammation of the skin and increase the production of subcutaneous fat. When contacting the medical center, a competent dermatologist is obliged to examine you for the presence of parasites.

As a rule, organisms such as pinworms, paragonims, Giardia, trichinella, hookworm can cause not only acne, but boils with pus or eczema. Today, the rash is divided into three types. The first type is latent, where a small amount of acne can appear on the body. The second type is acute, where an allergic reaction, urticaria, and boils are manifested. The third type is chronic, where unpleasant papules regularly appear, and scars and scars remain on the skin.why do people have acne and why do they appear


Why do many people have acne? The reason is simple - the wrong diet.Regular consumption of flour, sweet, spicy, fried and salty leads to an imbalance in the gastrointestinal tract. The body is clogged and all harmful substances are not excreted naturally. Eating foods with artificial additives, fast food and soda, you violate the intestinal motility, why all the toxins begin to enter the blood.

Sometimes, to get rid of the hated acne, it is enough just to switch to proper nutrition. For example, replace carbonated drinks with freshly squeezed juice or green tea, sweets and biscuits with fruits and berries, store chips with homemade potatoes or zucchini.why do young people get acne and acne

The appearance of acne is directly dependent on your lifestyle. If you love your body and take care of it, are regularly checked by experts and do not litter the digestive tract with chemicals, then you will not face an unpleasant problem. Of course, the hormonal surge in the period of menstruation in girls has not been canceled. However, in this situation, you can minimize the risk of boils. How? Eat right, do not respond to stressful situations and cares about their health.

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