Why cry in a dream?

July 9, 2014
Why cry in a dream?

A good night's sleep is an indicator of good mental and physical health. But it is not always so. Sometimes people are disturbed by various sleep disorders: insomnia, nightmares, restless sleep, and even night tears. Why do children and adults cry in their sleep? Let's try to figure it out.

Why do children cry in their sleep

The child's psyche is unstable and vulnerable. Newborn babies sleep very restlessly, often waking up in tears. Why does a baby cry in a dream? The cause of tears can be children's ailments: colic, cutting teeth, temperature. The child may be frightened by the absence of the mother nearby, the darkness, the unfamiliar surroundings. Parents should be sensitive to children's tears, especially if the baby is crying regularly in a dream.

Why do older children cry in a dream? The reason may be the daytime events that caused strong emotions in the child: bright frames on the screen, meeting with strangers, going to an amusement park. The saturation of the day with various events can cause a child to be over-excited and cause night tears.Remember that children are very susceptible to new information, so it is better if it will be dosed.

Parents should monitor the emotional climate in the family. Do not shout at the baby and other households, do not quarrel and clarify the relationship in his presence. Calm atmosphere at home ensures a peaceful sleep of the child.

Why do adults cry in their sleep

The life of modern man is full of stress. Emotional overload can affect our sleep. In the daytime, we often do not allow ourselves to express our negative emotions: fear, anger, resentment. Gradually accumulating, these emotions can make themselves felt in the form of night tears. If, after crying in your sleep, you feel relieved, then all is well - you have got rid of the negative. If you feel depressed and depressed, then this is a reason to follow your emotional state and mental health. It may be worth contacting a psychologist or a neurologist who will prescribe you soothing lungs, such as herbal preparations.

Sometimes the dream itself can be the cause of tears, be it a nightmare or another dream. The sleeper perceives everything that happens in a dream as real events.In a dream, you can experience fear, grief, resentment, hatred, empathize with other heroes of the dream. Naturally, if the emotions are strong enough, a sleeping person may cry. If you woke up in the morning in tears, try to remember exactly what you dreamed about and caused your tears.


Sometimes the cause of night tears is somnambulism. This is a pathology, which is characterized by the fact that the sleeper shows increased activity: he speaks, walks in a dream, performs other actions. You should not try to wake the somnambulist. Try to calm him down with soft words and gently put him to bed. If the cases recur, it is necessary to consult a specialist.

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