Who is Susanin?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
December 1, 2014
Who is Susanin?

The name Ivan Susanin has become a household name, although not many reliably know who Susanin is and what his feat consisted of. Like many historical figures, Susanin became a hero of artistic and literary works.

Who is Ivan Susanin

According to some historical data, Ivan Susanin was a simple peasant; according to others, he was a clerk of Marfa Ivanovna (mother of Mikhail Romanov), and according to a third, an elder elder. He lived in the village of the village of Kostroma province, which belonged to the Romanovs. About his life almost nothing is known. In those days, the peasants were not given names, but nicknames, usually after the father’s name. It can be assumed that Ivan grew up without a father, so he got a nickname by the name of his mother - Susanna.

Information about his family is also not preserved. Most likely, by 1612 his wife had already died. Susanin had a daughter, Antonida, who was married to a local peasant, Bogdan Sobinin.

Feat Susanin

In the winter of 1612-1613 a historic event took place, the hero of which was Ivan Susanin.At that time, Mikhail Fedorovich Romanov was the main contender for the Russian throne, and the Polish king Sigismund planned to put his son Vladislav on him. Anticipating the dashing, Michael hid from the Poles in the Ipatiev Monastery.

In search of Romanov, a detachment of Poles demanded that the headman take them to the place of the future tsar’s shelter. But, being a patriot of the Russian land, Susanin led the Poles in the opposite direction from the monastery - to the Isupovsky swamps. Trying to get out of the marshes, the Poles tortured their guide to death and subsequently died themselves.

For his salvation, Tsar Michael awarded Susanin's descendants with a security certificate, which exempted them from all taxes.

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