Who is this guy?

Galina Mirzahmedova
Galina Mirzahmedova
October 28, 2014
Who is this guy?

Outdated, old Russian words do not always respond in the minds of people by direct analogy. Therefore, not everyone knows who such a guy is.

Consider the interpretation of the word Gaer in the dictionary.

Gaer is the definition of a jester, clown, joking man, clown. In today's time, this term is practically not used, it has long been out of wide use.

However, in the old days, the word “Gaer” was used to designate a person who knows how to joke well enough, entertain the public, ape, and clown around. Gaer could also be called balagan entertainers for the fun of the people.

An example of the use of the word "Gaer": "One of the first countries to recognize Charlie Chaplin as a talented artist, an icon of the 20th century, and not a Gaer, was France."

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