Who is Flaubert?

Fame to this man brought the publication in 1857 in the "Review de Paris" of his notorious novel "Mrs. Bovary". Why scandalous? Yes, because after the publication of the novel in the light of its author, Flaubert and the editor of the magazine had to answer before the court for insulting morality. It is no coincidence that Flaubert’s novel “Mrs. Bovary” is also called the “manifesto of literary naturalism”, where the author’s remarkable skepticism was clearly expressed both about the state of contemporary society and about the person living in this society. True, the trial Flaubert and the editor of the "Review de Paris" won. And this made it possible to release a sensational novel by Gustave Flaubert in a separate edition.

Between Stendhal and Zola

Who is Flaubert? You probably already guessed that Gustave Flaubert is a writer, a French novelist. On the one hand, he is the successor of the stand-balzakovsky realism, on the other - the predecessor of the "naturalistic realism" of the school of Zola. By the way, Flaubert is considered the discoverer of such talented French writers as Edmond Aboux and Guy de Maupassant.

Flaubert himself was born in 1821 in Rouen.Therefore, it is not surprising that in his work there are the provincial cities of France, which, to tell the truth, he didn’t really complain about, even because he was anti-provincial.

Short time Flaubert studied at the Faculty of Law in the French capital. But then he quit his studies and devoted himself completely to literary creativity. In addition to "Mrs. Bavari", his novel includes such novels as "Salambo", "Educating the senses" and the remaining unfinished because of the death of the author the novel "Bouvard and Pecuse", as well as the stories "Herodias", "Simple Heart" "The Legend of the Holy Julian the Gracious, "the philosophical drama" The Temptations of St. Anthony "and other works. By the way, well-known in Russia. It’s no joke to say, but I. S. Turgenev himself, by the way, who was friends with Flaubert, translated his works into Russian. A composer Modest Mussorgsky wrote an opera based on the novel "Salambo".

Flaubert became interesting

Now that you know who Flaubert is, you can try to answer the question of why so much interest has recently come to his name.

Great interest could have seemed to be explained by the critical worldview of the writer, who had no illusions about life, but there was a limiting degree of ruthlessness in her exposure.Doesn't it sound very modern? Alas ... The reason for the special popularity of Flaubert today is by no means the case.

Revolvers chambered for Flaubert

Yes, it was precisely this pneumatic weapon that made Ukrainian, according to Russian legislation, firearms that made Flaubert’s name so popular lately. Revolver chambered for Flaubert (in common parlance - just Flaubert) is advertised as an excellent means of self-defense, which is an entourage copy of firearms. Moreover, these revolvers are distributed in Ukraine completely free. Neither permits nor registration for their purchase and carrying is required.

It is a pity that firearms, and not talented, truthful works of Flaubert, today stirred up a genuine interest in the personality of this, no doubt, bright and original classic of French literature. It is good that those who read this article will be closer to the true knowledge of who Flaubert really is and what he is known for.

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