Who are the hipsters?

Our today's article will tell the reader about a special direction in youth circles. Hipsters. Who are they? How do these young people dress up? What kind of music do they prefer? What are their main values? Everything you need to know about hipsters, and about who the hipsters are, will be found in our article.


This youth trend appeared in the 1940s in the United States. In those days, young people who were "in the subject" (to be in hip, hence the name hipster) were distinguished by the fact that they were followers of a special subculture, which was based on jazz music. Later from this movement came and well-known hippies. Today, the hipster subculture consists of well-to-do young people who are interested in elite foreign culture, indie rock, art-house cinema, modern literature and fashion.

Hipsters are also called indie kids. These are young people from 16 to 25 years old, who also correspond to signs of an ordinary hipster. Who are hipsters and what are they wearing? As for clothes, the main attributes are as follows: sweater, jeans, boots, vintage bag, reflex camera.As a rule, the whole image of this indie kid has a certain vintage tint, that is, it is possible to observe garments from the recent past. On their feet hipsters wear sneakers. Many modern authors and critics say that hipsters today are people who have only the external form, and the internal content of the personality is reduced only to buying more and more vintage things. Another attribute hipster is his non-conformism and adherence to the ideals of creative activity. But in practice, as is usually the case, any good idea takes on a negative connotation after all hipsters become like each other. Thus, they kill their nonconformism in the bud.

A little more about how to recognize a real hipster in a crowd of people. Here are the hipsters:

  • Universal trends in clothing. Style - unisex.
  • Vintage style in clothes is actively mixed with the latest trends in modern fashion.
  • You can usually see skinny jeans, leggings, tights with holes, as well as classic trousers in bright colors.
  • Glasses are a special attribute of the hipster, which, however, does not imply the presence of vision problems.Hipster glasses are massive plastic frames with corrective or conventional lenses. Very often hipsters wear sunglasses of this type.
  • Many young people wear beards.
  • Bob haircut. Mandatory use of lacquers and hair gels distinguish this indie kid from fake. Many girls arrange "controlled chaos" on their heads, thereby showing a kind of carelessness.
  • A classic sweater is also an attribute of any male hipster.
  • Old stretched T-shirts.
  • Scarves are a special passion of hipsters from northern latitudes. As a rule, this accessory takes up a lot of space, as hipsters like voluminous scarves.
  • Variegated colors and motifs in casual wear.
  • Mandatory presence of a camera of the old model or a notebook for recording.

Now you know, dear reader, who are hipsters.

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