Which tea is better?

Tea is the most common drink, both in Russia and abroad. In the post-Soviet era there was a huge selection of teas. How in them to understand? Which tea is better? Let's talk about this in our article.

The most famous types of tea

Black tea

There are several types: sheet (large and medium-leaf), granular, in bags (powder), pressed (tiles, bricks, etc.). Granular and powdery types are strong, have good color and taste, and also tartness. However, they are not fragrant.

Of course, hardly anyone will argue thatit is preferable to drink leaf than granulated tea. For leaf tea, large parts of the tea leaf are selected, and it is processed in a technologically specific way. While granulated tea is processed by accelerated technology, losing flavor and aromatic qualities. That's why it's cheaper. And for filling tea bags in general, the dust left from the crushing of the tea leaves is used. So now you yourself can draw a conclusion which tea is best to buy.

Tea should be dark brown or almost black, which is better. If the color of the tea is black-gray, then this indicates that it is either substandard or old.

Green tea

Tired of driving in the search engine "green tea whatgood? "We will now tell you all about this: Green tea is not a separate kind of tea, it is made from the same leaves as black only by another technology.In green tea, useful substances and vitamins do not oxidize, therefore it has a higher biological value Green tea speeds up the metabolism, and green tea also has a positive effect on lowering cholesterol, so green tea is good for weight loss, and green tea will protect you from depression due to the fact that it is rich in amino acids. utstvuet theanine, which suppresses the nervous excitability. Here we will discuss what kind of green tea is considered to be elite.

White tea

After collecting the leaves of tea, they wilted. If the leaves are not too green, white tea is obtained. Let's talk a little about white tea varieties. There is a variety of "Pa Mu Tan", which translates as "White Peony". Tea is obtained in the eastern province of China Fujian. This tea has a very strong flavor. And there is a sort of Shu Mi. It is produced in the same province as the previous one. Is very expensive. Tea is distinguished by its floral taste. You can compare these two species and choose which tea to drink better.

Herb tea

What good tea for losing weight besides green? Of course, herbal. Herbal teas also accelerate metabolism and purify the body, allow you to quickly wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night to those who suffer from insomnia. There are different kinds of herbal teas. The effect of herbal teas depends on their temperature. So read carefully about the temperature properties of a particular species. We recommend you try, for example, tea with guarana. The caffeine contained in guarana is different from coffee. It is more slowly absorbed, but it also decays more slowly, giving a lasting effect of vivacity. In addition, tea with guranium improves blood circulation, increases concentration, efficiency, saves from headaches. This is a good option for those who do not tolerate coffee.

Elite kinds of tea

Elite tea is different in that for himproduce only from bud and two leaves nearest to it. What is the best black tea? The most expensive and elite tea is called Darjeeling. This is the most fragrant black tea with a floral-almond flavor. The elite type of green tea is GYOKURO. Buy elite teas better in specialty tea shops, or book through similar sites.

Many tea lovers are wondering: "which hand is better to stir the tea?". In our opinion, this does not matter at all. But if you want to drink tea in all traditions, then from the point of view of Vedic science, it is better to stir the tea with your right hand.

And now you need to decide for yourself which tea is the best. So many kinds, and everyone chooses to your taste!

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