Which spark plugs are better?

Owners of cars with diesel enginessuch a question does not excite, but the petrol engines will "make" their owners think about which spark plugs are better, what to choose from the variety, and what variety there is at all. By the way, before you speak, what good spark plugs, what not, you need to understand what exist in general, and what is the reason for creating these types of candles.

Spark plugs: main qualities

To begin with, let's look at the types of spark plugs, as well as some common points that are important when choosing candles for your car.

Kinds of spark plugs, which is better?

Platinum, iridium, yttrium and even silver spark plugs can be found on the shelves of auto shops.

In general, here we can distinguish two types of candles on the basis of the material used for their production. These are classic and platinum spark plugs.

  1. Electrodes of classic spark plugsare made mostly of copper. However, some of them have sputtering (top coating) from fairly rare types of metal (for example, yttrium). Such a coating can slightly improve the stability of the candle, but does not particularly affect other characteristics and parameters of the part.
  2. The second type is platinum candles, the name saysitself for itself. The electrodes of such candles are made of platinum, which makes them more stable in terms of exposure to high temperatures (you yourself understand the importance, the temperature of the burning mixture at the outbreak can reach 2-2.5 thousand degrees Celsius). Platinum also has high corrosion resistance. By the way, side electrodes (except for the central one) can be made of platinum. As a rule, similar spark plugs are used in engines equipped with mechanical and turbochargers. Platinum electrodes practically do not burn out, and therefore it is easy to understand which spark plugs are better relative to their material.

As for the design of the spark plug, it is also possible to distinguish two main types:

  1. Two-electrode. These are the classic types of spark plugs, where there is one central and one side electrode. In such candles, the spark passes only between the two electrodes. What is the expected outcome? Gradual burnout and low reliability: if a single side electrode breaks down, the candle, of course, is no longer usable.
  2. Multielectrode spark plugs. In the presence of one central electrode, we have several lateral ones. Based on the descriptions of two-electrode candles, it is clear that this kind is designed to increase the reliability and service life of a candle. Again, decide for ourselves what kind of good spark plugs. Those that will serve us longer and better.

Spark plugs: choose correctly

There are many manufacturers of spark plugs, different firms, different countries. What to choose from this set? Which spark plugs are better? Should I focus on the brand?

We will not do advertising and anti-advertising, weLet's single out general parameters of the choice of spark plugs. Criteria of choice based on logic and reason. On this basis, you will understand what good spark plugs, that is, which are branded and which are fake ones.

Price. You understand that the good spark plugs will not be too cheap, the low price should alarm you. Not less than 100 rubles apiece. And it's not in naked words "the more expensive, the better", but in a logical justification. We spoke above about the types of candles, you yourself understand that copper and platinum, like materials, have a different price. Well, what to choose, it's up to you.

Polygraphy. The quality of the inscriptions, drawings, and soldering are also important when choosing spark plugs. Also a smooth and neat inscription on the insulator. A decent manufacturer will not allow errors even in this. Can you imagine what quality the candle itself will be offered by the manufacturer with irreproachable performance of such trifles as inscriptions and drawings.

The central electrode. Very carefully examine it. It should not have any defects, it must be evenly installed and be of a regular cylindrical shape.

Lateral electrode. Typically, cheap counterfeits have a crooked side electrode or an oblique face, which is unacceptable.

The code on the hexagon of the spark plug will distinguish the real candle from the counterfeit one. Such code will denote the party, it is clear that such a code will not have a counterfeit.

Thread. Good spark plugs are those that have a perfect thread surface without any chips, characteristic for fakes.

The sealing ring on this (branded) spark plug can not be removed, whereas on a fake this ring can be simply twisted.

Insulator. In addition, that the inscription on it should be smooth and accurate, pay attention to the fact that the present spark plug insulator is smooth, as if poured glaze. Roughness, longitudinal protrusions will produce a fake.

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