Which Nikon is better?

Company Nikon is a monster of the marketphoto goods. Almost everyone who has ever tried to photograph an instant on a "soap box" or with the help of professional equipment, knows this brand. Therefore, if you decided to purchase a Nikon camera, you made a worthy choice. But after all the goods that the company produces, a huge assortment. Which Nikon is better? Let's figure out what you need.

The lens is the main advantage of the camera

If you take a device with built-inlens, choose any, a big role it will not play. But, if you decide to choose a device with a replaceable lens, it is worthwhile to figure out which lens is better. Nikon is positioning himself as a company with fully standardized camera equipment. That is, it is implied that any Nikon lens can be placed on the camera of the same company. However, it is better to combine the devices according to their labeling.

Cameras Nikon labels like this: DX and FX. Likewise, the lenses are indicated. It is desirable that this marking is the same. Some lenses have no letter marking at all. This means that this lens will fit elegantly on both types of cameras.

Nikkor 50 mm / 1.8 d and Nikkor 18-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6 VR lenses are very popular among amateurs and even photographers. They are universal, produce excellent quality and fit any Nikon camera.


Now let's see what the most convenient and popular Nikon camera is. Which one is best for you?

  • Matrix. If you are going to take large photos (to hang on the wall), then you will need a good matrix resolution. It is calculated that for an image of 13 by 18 cm, the 3.5-megapixel matrix is ​​optimal. For a photo of 10 by 15 - 2.2 Megapixel. If you need large photos, choose a higher resolution.
  • Zoom. Increasing the focal length is a useful function of the device. Optical zoom is preferable, it will not spoil the picture. While digital - only stretch it.
  • SLR camera. It makes sense to buy it only if you can change the lens. That is, such a camera will be useful if you use high-quality, expensive lenses.

We have tried to consider in detail allparameters that are important to know in order to buy a good camera. Which Nikon is better to buy, with a removable lens or not, you decide. After all, the first option involves a large amount in the buyer's pocket. The second one - will suit an amateur.

If the decision to buy a professional cameramaturing a long time, you can do it in a specialized store or even on the web. There is a whole list of such stores: mobyguru.ru, svyaznoy.ru. The choice there is enormous, and discounts on top products are possible. You can also contact the official Nikon store, which sells equipment via the Internet - nikonmarket.ru. Here you can safely choose the product you need with the camera.

Nikon is a worthy choice. Even an inexpensive copy will give you many bright moments, which you can later share with your relatives. After all, a moment quickly passing, and sometimes, it's worth to capture it.

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