Which juice is better?

Many people believe that all juices are necessarily beneficial to our health. But this is not always true. There are good juices that nourish our body with essential micronutrients and vitamins, do not bring side effects, and bad ones - from which the benefits are zero. Let's talk about vegetable and fruit juices to find out which juice is better.

Vegetable juices

Squeezed juice from vegetables helps our body, replenishing it with a supply of useful components of plant properties. If you want to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, drink tomato juice containing likofen. To lower blood pressure, eat beet juice. Potato juice reduces the secretion of the pancreas, partially treats hypertension and helps scarring wounds. You will get even more value if you make a combination of raw potatoes, carrots and celery. But if you suffer from low acidity or diabetes, then this juice is not recommended for you.

All vegetable juices with pulp contain fiber, which can reduce the appetite and improve the stool.An additional advantage of vegetable juices is that they do not have much sugar, and, accordingly, calories than in fruit juices.

Take cucumber juice - it is a good diuretic, cabbage juice, if you want to clear the intestines and lose weight, pumpkin juice, to get vitamins E and B. Make pumpkin juice for children 2 cups a day 3 - 4 months, it is very useful.

Although garlic juice is not so pleasant, it will perfectly clean your blood vessels. Carrot juice is considered to be the real doctor in the world of vegetables.


If you still think nectars are very useful, then you are mistaken. Fruit nectar is always divorced, but there is very little real juice in it. Do not pay attention to the motley appetizing pictures with fruit on the packages, read the composition and you will understand everything.

What juices are good for the body?

The most useful juices for an adult are freshly squeezed, cooked with their own hands. They have a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, but fructose in them, no less. Therefore, it is better to drink one glass per day, or dilute with water (50:50).

  • Pomegranate juice. If you ask: which juice is better, then our answer is pomegranate! This is a real avalanche of vitamins in one glass.The antioxidants contained in this fruit prevent cancer and improve mental performance.
  • Cranberry juice. Contains vitamin C, strengthens the immune system, helps with the inflammation of the bladder.
  • Blueberry juice. Preventive remedy for aging brain cells, senile insanity and even Alzheimer's disease.
  • Grape juice. No wonder red wine has a beneficial effect on the heart. The same is typical of grape juice. Squeeze the juice only with seeds and peel, they give a lot of fiber and additional vitamins
  • Cherry juice. When you exercise, drink a glass of this juice before you start exercising, so you will reduce muscle pain after physical exertion.
  • Pineapple juice. It perfectly removes excess fluid from your body, burns fat, and has a good effect on the kidneys. Contributes to the rejuvenation and disappearance of age spots.

Now you know what juices are, treating various ailments. Also, there are dried fruits, which are wonderful broths, treating constipation.

Juices for children: parents' mistakes

Thinking what juice is best for a child, many parents are in error. What are they wrong?

  • As much as possible.Do not think that the more juice your child drinks per day, the more benefit you will receive. Stick to the norm - no more than a glass a day. Juices have sugar, which is very easily digested and leads to excess weight in children who lead a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Juices from the packages - solid chemistry. If the juice is canned, it does not mean that it is not natural. It often happens that for children it is better to packaged drink, since you just can not know how organic fruits lie in your home, and make juice of famous brands using a special technology.
  • Vitamins for teeth. For the correct growth of the teeth is not enough one juice, the child needs to additionally gnaw fruit.

Do not add sugar to freshly squeezed juices, the pure taste of fruit is much tastier and healthier.

Now you know what fruit and vegetable juices are and can choose the best product for you and your children.

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