Which pills are better?

A considerable number of women who are interested in good sex, pay great attention to their own contraception, so they choose for themselves such a method of protection as special birth control pills. To date, all pharmacy showcases are full of goods of such content. Therefore, it is not surprising that modern women, who are attentive to their health, may have the following question: which pill is better?

A confident answer to this question can not be given, because birth control pills, as well as other drugs, should be strictly prescribed by a doctor who has studied the body of a woman for a long time. Since anti-conception pills are drugs that contain a huge amount of hormones, you shouldn’t use them without a doctor’s permission: the female body is unique and it does not tolerate experiments on itself.

General tips

Doctors constantly warn that it is impossible to constantly use the same contraceptives on the advice of advertising signs or from the experience of girlfriends. Which pills are better, you can only answer a qualified specialist.

Pills prescribed to you after conducting numerous studies of tests, pelvic ultrasound, individual examination of a gynecologist, blood tests for sugar and hormones will be the ideal choice for contraceptives.

It is an independent choice of birth control pills that can later give birth to a huge number of stories about the terrible consequences that may result from the use of this drug: the appearance of excess weight, increased hair on the body, nausea, acne and much more. Such consequences appear in those who choose drugs without consulting a specialist.

What do the doctor's say

A huge number of doctors believe that up to twenty-five years it is necessary to refrain from using contraceptives, and to use more traditional methods of contraception, since before this period hormonal background is formed.However, despite this, a considerable amount neglects the advice of experts. As for the women of the age group after 25, for them the good contraceptive drugs are Mersilon, Logest, Triregol - these are the pills that the World Health Organization recommends to women. If we talk about women who have not given birth, then for them there are Diane-35, Silest, and also Logest.

Women who give birth may mean, such drugs as Novinet, Farmatex, and Marvelon. The same means can be used by ladies for thirty and forty years. Good contraceptives also called Triziston, Trikvilar.

If a woman is in the breastfeeding stage, then she can recommend birth control pills under the name Mikroljukt, Charozetta, Exluton. Such drugs can be used during lactation, as they contain only one hormone - these are particles of progestogen. Therefore, such drugs against conception are completely harmless to women and to the baby.

However, the question: which pill is better, there is no definite answer. You should not consider them harmless, you should always remember that these are pills, and that they indirectly still harm the body.

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