Which air humidifier is best for the baby? Humidifiers: Overview

Have you ever wondered why it's easier to breathe outdoors? And all this is because there the humidity level is at a higher level compared to what we have in our homes.

A special dryness of the air can be felt in the winterthe period when central heating batteries are switched on. During the heating season, the humidity level in our apartments does not exceed 20-30%, this is at a rate of at least 50%.

Adults for their lives have already learnedadapt to this microclimate, but our children suffer from excessively dry air. It contains a large amount of dust, allergens, so all this can harm your baby's health.

Harm to dry air for a child

On the guard of our health is immunity. The mucous membranes of the nose and oral cavity are the first in the path of microbes and viruses. The body produces mucus, which contains substances that are harmful to viruses and bacteria.

Mucous membranes so block the waycausative agents of diseases, this is the so-called local immunity. It can not be congenital, so many factors, including humidity, can influence it.

If air is dry, then drying occursmucous membranes, they can no longer provide full protection against attacking viruses and bacteria. There is nothing strange in the fact that children begin to get sick more with the beginning of the heating season.

The task of parents is to ensure the necessary level of humidity in the room. To do this, it is enough to buy a humidifier for the children's room.what kind of air humidifier is best for the baby

Dry mucous membrane causes frequent otitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases.

The Benefits of Wet Air

After the air humidifier has been installed, it is possible to immediately notice changes in the microclimate of the room:

  1. In a room with a moisturizer it is easier to breathe.
  2. Toddlers sleep better, they become more active.
  3. There is no nasal congestion in the morning.
  4. The microorganisms that inhabited the dry air simply disappear.
  5. The risk of respiratory diseases is reduced.
  6. Humid air in its composition has more oxygen.

The benefit is obvious, now it is necessary to determine which humidifier is best for the child.

Types of moisturizers

Regardless of the manufacturer, all humidifiers can be divided into several types:

  • Traditional.
  • Steam.
  • Ultrasound.
  • Climatic complexes.

Regardless of the type of operation principle, all humidifiers have practically the same:

  1. The fan, which is integrated in the system, sucks in the ambient air, passes it through the filter system and back out.
  2. Pre-filtering delays large particles of dust, and the electrostatic filter removes air from the smallest dust particles.
  3. Passing through a carbon filter helps to remove unpleasant and harmful gases and odors.
  4. At the output in some humidifiers, aromatic oils are added.

The health of a child is more expensive, so a moisturizer-cleaner in a child's room is simply necessary to purchase, if you do not want to constantly sit with him on a sick-list.

Traditional air humidifiers

The principle of operation of such devices is based on "cold" evaporation. Water is poured into the tank, from which it is fed into the pan, and then falls on the evaporating elements.

Built-in fan chases air throughevaporator, thus humidifying the atmosphere of the room. The simplest models of this kind work on paper cassettes, which have to be changed every 2-3 months.

More expensive models have plastic discs, naturally, such a device has a longer service life.air humidifier for children which is better

A disadvantage of such humidifiers is that the degree of humidification directly depends on the temperature regime. If the temperature is high, then the evaporation intensity becomes larger.

If you really do not understand, which is betterair purifier and air humidifier, then you can choose the model, especially since such devices clean the air of pollutants well.

Steam appliances

The basis of the work of such models is the processboiling. Water evaporates under the action of a current, which is fed through electrodes immersed in a liquid. The design is quite safe, since the current flows only in the presence of water, if all the liquid evaporates, the circuit opens, the device automatically turns off.how to choose the right humidifier for children

If the question arises as to which humidifier is best for the child, then probably one should not choose the steam models, given their insecurity due to the hot steam.

Ultrasonic humidifier

These devices work using an interesting effect. Water from the tank enters the plate, which vibrates at a high frequency, and turns into small sprays. Droplets of liquid flow out above the plate, a cloud is formed, through which the fan drives air.moisturizer cleaner in the child's room

If to speak in general, it turns out that such humidifiers create fog at home. Advantages of such devices are obvious:

  • The vapors that are produced are cold, so it is impossible to get injured.
  • The instruments have built-in hygrostats, which are able to regulate the level of humidification in the room.
  • Virtually no noise during operation.
  • Good efficiency.

If you choose a humidifier for children, which is better, you can not doubt after considering the ultrasonic models.

Climatic complexes for home

If you want the air in the child's room not only to be moistened, but also to be cleaned, flavored, then you definitely need to purchase a climate complex.

The principle of moisture in it is practically nothingdiffers from previous models, but if the traditional humidifier only flushes air, then this device produces a three-time cleaning of the atmosphere in the room.

The design of the complex has different filters:

  • Antiallergenic. It detains dust, pollen of plants.
  • Antibacterial. Disease bacteria and pathogens.
  • The carbon filter absorbs unpleasant smells, including tobacco smoke.

It's just the perfect air humidifier for the children's room. What is the best complex to purchase, you can consult with experts, because each has its own characteristics.

Air washing

These models are considered the most successful, sinceperfectly moisturize the air, and even clean it. The design of these devices is such that the air is run through the water and its natural moistening and purification takes place.which is better air purifier humidifier

As a result of this purification, air becomesfresh, there is a feeling in the room that it has been raining quite recently. If you are wondering what kind of moisturizer is best for the baby, then you can rest assured that the sink is ideal.

The device is arranged so that an automaticThe control of evaporation and humidity is maintained at an optimum level. Some manufacturers went further in caring for our health and in their models also built an ionizing rod made of silver.

Antibacterial properties of this metal are knownall, silver can destroy more than 500 species of various viruses and bacteria. With the advent of such devices, you can no longer doubt the need for such humidifiers.

How to choose the right humidifier for children

Every parent wants his child to alwayswas healthy. A great role in preserving the health of the baby is given to mothers and fathers. The choice of any devices for the children's room is completely dependent on the parents, this can be attributed to the humidifiers. It is worthwhile to approach this issue carefully enough and responsibly.choose the best air humidifier for children

The right choice can be made if you pay attention to tips for choosing an air humidifier:

  1. Specify how much water the device evaporates.
  2. Safety, for example, steam humidifiers can cause harm, since there is a danger of burns by hot steam.
  3. What is the noise level of the humidifier during its operation.
  4. If you ask yourself what kind of air humidifier is best for the child, then it can be said that it is desirable to purchase also with a purification function, and not just humidification.
  5. Pay attention to the filter, it can be photocatalytic and electrostatic. The first variety is more preferable.
  6. Ask the consultant which water should be poured into the reservoir. For children it is desirable to use appliances that operate on distilled water.
  7. An important role is played by the size of the device.
  8. Choose a suitable model of the humidifier according to the principle of its operation.

In this situation, only the parents determine which humidifier to put in the nursery.

The best moisturizer for children

It turns out that when we choose the besthumidifier for children, then we must rely on those problems that we want to solve with its help. Different types of moisturizers work on different principles and have unequal opportunities.

  1. If there is a lot of dust in the house and you have pets, there are also frequent catarrhal diseases of children and all family members, then the ideal option is the purchase of air washing.
  2. The amount of dust is small, hard water flows in the pipes, and you do not have the opportunity to use filtered, then you can choose your traditional moisturizers.
  3. Dust a little, soft water and only need comfort and rapid hydration - in this case, an excellent solution will be an ultrasonic device.

To buy now for you is not a problem air humidifier for children, which is better, you can quite orientate.

Benefits of air humidifiers

If you conduct a survey, then not all havehumidifiers of air. Many people consider their acquisition a waste of money. Despite the constant dryness in the mouth in the mornings, dry leaves of houseplants, frequent colds of children, the purchase of a moisturizer is all postponed.

But he is quite capable of coping withmost of your problems. The level of humidity for a person is considered comfortable at the level of 50-60%, and in our apartments it does not reach it, especially in the winter.air humidifier for the children's room which is better

Humidifiers can solve the following problems:

  1. Help in the fight against bacteria. This is especially true during infectious diseases in the autumn-winter period. Many pediatricians even advise buying an air humidifier along with the rest of the dowry for the baby.
  2. Help the eyes. For a comfortable state of the eye membranes, normal air humidity is necessary. With increased dryness, dry eye syndrome appears.
  3. Overdried air is often the causeheadaches, shortness of breath, a constant sense of thirst. The air humidifier can solve these problems, on which the general condition of the body depends.
  4. In the room where the humidifier is located, indoor plants feel more comfortable, the wooden furniture does not dry out, and the parquet does not crack.

Some believe that it is enough to hang outwet towels or get fish in the aquarium, and everything will become normal. No tricks can make the microclimate in the room normal, except for the air humidifier.

Damage to moisturizers

Any device, if its wrongmay have the opposite effect. If the air humidifier does not have a built-in device to regulate the humidity level, then there is a danger of overmoistening. This is the second side of the coin, everyone knows that increased humidity is as harmful as dryness.

Together with the humidifier, do not be too lazy to purchase a hygrometer to independently monitor the level of humidity in the room.

If you place the appliance too close to the wall, you can see the back of the wallpaper from the humid air. This problem can easily be solved if the device is moved away.

From the use of ultrasonic humidifiers, it is possible to observe the formation of a white coating on the furniture, since water is released along with the salts that are dissolved in it.

This problem can also be handled by changing the filters in time and using distilled water instead of conventional ones.

From all of the above it becomes clear that the benefits of using these devices are much more than inconveniences, but what kind of air humidifier is best to buy home, it's up to you.

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