Which acid is stronger?

Victoria Dmitrieva
Victoria Dmitrieva
February 21, 2013
Which acid is stronger?

A great many chemical elements and compounds are constantly present in human life. This also applies to acids. They can be both organic, mineral, and formed by sulfur. How to understand which acid is stronger and how to properly use this knowledge?

Determination of acid

A complex substance that contains one or several hydrogen atoms, as well as an acid residue, is called an acid. Acid is considered to be an electrolyte and has the property of dissociating, namely, decomposing in water-containing solutions into hydrogen (cations) and an acid residue (anions). Acids that dissociate almost completely are considered strong.

The concept of acid strength

Which acid is the strongest determines the degree of dissociation. It is expressed in% and represents the ratio of dissociated molecules to the sum of undissociated and dissociated.

For example, for hydrochloric, hydroiodic, hydrobromic and nitric acid is 92%, and for sulfuric acid is 58%.

However, carboranic acid is considered the strongest or “superacid”. It is about a million times stronger than sulfuric acid concentrate. Its paradox is indicated by the fact that, unlike sulfuric acid, it is completely non-aggressive with respect to materials and is able to be stored in glass containers.

The acid obtained as a result of the synthesis is an excellent “donor” of hydrogen, which determines its strength. H (CHB11Cl11) is exactly what the formula of carboranic acid looks like.

Acid strength test

How to determine which acid is stronger? In many ways, to know the strength of the acid helps the value of pH. PH is measured at 0.1 mol / liter. To determine the value of pH can pH-meters. Devices determine the value of this value very accurately. The effect of temperature on the pH value is also used. It is measured at a standard temperature of + 25 ° C.

Acid-acid indicators determine the acidity of the medium qualitatively. Indicators in different environments have different colors. A universal able to determine not only the environment, but also the pH value of the solution.

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