Do I give a dummy?

Whether to give a pacifier to a newborn - it was thought about, or every happy new parent will have to think about it. Disagreements in the opinions of pediatricians and other more experienced moms and dads mislead young families and this is not surprising, since this is precisely the topic: whether giving a pacifier is the most uncertain.

Whether to give a baby a dummy: opinions "AGAINST"

Often parents justify the use of pacifiers by the desire of the child not to eat, but to suck. Many people think this is wrong, because each reflex implies the satisfaction of certain needs. It does not occur to anyone to associate the swallowing reflex with the supposed desire of the child to absorb or the respiratory reflex with a whim to make respiratory movements. The connection of a reflex with a certain function is obvious. Therefore, the only purpose of sucking is to get food, in our case milk.

It is milk that contains elements whose structure is similar to morphine, so the baby needs breasts in order to fall asleep. It is in breast milk contains soothing elements, so the baby asks the breast when upset.It is in breast milk that contains analgesic hormones, antibodies and protective factors, so the baby needs the breast when he is sick. Given this, one can understand the position of scientists who oppose the replacement of a real life-giving miracle - breast milk, by deception - a rubber dummy.

In addition, in some cases, deciding whether to give a pacifier to the baby, it is also necessary to take into account the peculiarities of his health:

  • 200 different fractions of proteins contained in the nipples can cause allergies: itching, runny nose, swelling and sneezing
  • sucking a pacifier can cause speech therapy problems, stomach ailments, improper digestion, jaw development, improper bite, deformity or underdevelopment of the nasal canal
  • The nipple is a potential source of infection for the baby. Of course, many parents knowing this often sterilize a pacifier, but this option is not always available. And the method of licking the nipples of the mother practiced by the people does not guarantee the sterility of the pacifier.

Is it possible to give a pacifier to a newborn: opinions "FOR"

The category of those who consider a pacifier necessary for the child and parents are mostly the mothers and fathers themselves, for whom the nipple in some cases is a kind of “magic wand”.Their position is also quite logical and reasonable.

In some cases, parents do not have to doubt whether it is possible to give a pacifier to the baby, since sometimes it plays a rather serious role on the issue of the health and upbringing of the child:

  • often during a walk, during the cold season the child falls asleep. In this case, the baby’s open mouth in a dream will cause cold air and, as a result, a cold,
  • it is accepted that the nipple teaches the baby to independence. For example, falling asleep with a pacifier, the baby disaccustomed to complete dependence on the mother's breast. In addition, not all mothers can devote all the time to their child. In this case, while mom is at work, it will be easier for the child to endure her absence with the help of a bottle and nipple,
  • soother helps to avoid overeating, because sometimes a small child cannot control his appetite. The result is frequent regurgitation.

In any case, regardless of public opinion, it is up to the parents to decide whether to give a pacifier to a newborn. It remains only to wish you health and your baby!

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