Where to store?

Recently I had such a question before me, when changing rubber, I constantly face the problem of their storage. I always leave it on the balcony, but everything is crammed there and you don’t want to throw it out. Tell me who stores where their tires? Or maybe there are some organizations that are engaged in the storage of different things in Moscow?
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Answered on January 6, 00:36
I always leave my tires with a friend in the garage, as there is no mine. But then I was lucky that a friend has a garage. And in your case, you can also ask around from friends, who can take it for storage. And so on the balcony is also a normal option, you don’t often happen there, I think they will not interfere much
Answered on January 6, 00:42
I also keep my removable tires on the balcony, it does not cause me discomfort and I am sure for their safety and integrity. And I wouldn't risk giving to someone, you never know what they can do with them and in what conditions to store.
Answered on January 6 01:00
This problem is faced by a large number of drivers. I personally keep my wheels in the country.There and the place allows and the cottage is located nearby. But there are still warehouses where you can store tires and wheels. I personally did not come across them, but I read about such services. For example, in Moscow, the organization stores the wheels.

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